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HEY THERE HONEYBEES! New to the hive or buzzed around already, you’ve probably picked up on our differences from other media teams. By we, we mean us, Worldwide Elopement Visuals. We believe in doing more than just taking photos and videos. That belief starts to manifest as creating art from your love, be it: transforming photos and videos into vintage-inspired extraordinary stills or incomparable moving frames or telling your lover’s tale here on this blog of a hive. However, that is the bare minimum around here. We also believe by doing more than just taking photos and videos, we should make room to give back. So we are firm believers in making sure we have a foot in the community. What’s the point of having a megaphone if you don’t use it? So here is Montrose CO Faultless Group Series.

Do everything with

a good heart and

expect nothing in

return, and you

will never be



From left to right, Faultless youth, leader, and youth.

So what is Montrose CO Faultess Non-profit?

Point blank, it is education. Education over what, one may ask? Well, it starts with consent. Faultless takes away the fear factor that has led the conversation over consent for ages. It aims to make consent less fear-based, and more of an educational-based conversation. From their website: “Faultless focuses on the importance of talking and being educated about body safety, digital safety, grooming, sex trafficking, sexual assault, cyberbullying, and mental health.

Faultless roots come from when they originally wanted to do more with another local Montrose CO non-profit, Dolphin House. Now they partner up together to gift survivors, art bundles to start the journey of healing, relearning self, and growth. As well as being dedicated to making laws more dedicated to protecting youth.

So what can you expect your donation to Montrose CO Faultless to go to?

As mentioned above, Faultless firstly partners with Dolphin House to make sure those who come into Dolphin House can immediately have a way to express and heal. Through the use of art bundles. What society for the longest time got wrong about survivors, is that they do not want to immediately have to talk about what they went through. However, they have a need to express themselves and find themselves. That is the power of the art bundles. They are a way, to allow both. Without the expectation to talk about what transpired.

We here at WEV will go more in-depth per blog interview in this series over what all Montrose CO Faultless contributes to and helps with.


Every act of kindness is chairty.

Prophet Muhammad

Now just like any other tale, WEV tells in this hive…

We want Montrose CO Faultless Fearless Youth Team, to have their own voices heard.

We will be saving their Fearless Leader, Nicole for her own blog interview. However, each part of this series aims to take two of these youth volunteers and shine a spotlight on them. Nicole makes sure they each have a blurb of their own on Montrose CO Faultless website, however, again. WEV megaphone and spotlight, we want to give more. So as Jlo states, LET’S GET LOUD.

My name is Ayla. I love smoothies and the color orange. Volunteering is important to me because I like to make difference in my community. Faultless was a local option that was doable for me, that’s why I joined. Faultless creates a livable environment where I can be myself and I love it!

Hi, I’m Rachel! My favorite color is sage green. Volunteering is important to me because I think it helps a lot of people, and I can actually make a change in the world without feeling like all my efforts are going to waste. I also love the idea of taking the passion and drive that I have and putting it to a good use.

I chose faultless because I can actually see the change happening, and it’s for a cause that has been worked towards by many, but nobody has taken the same approach as faultless. My favorite aspect is that I can see the change happening as we do it, and the people are super accepting and kind, which makes it easier to work with everyone. 

You can read more about these two from their Faultless bios!

The Youth of Montrose CO Faultless found a fun take to share on the topic of consent.

We as a society always say “the youth is the future”, but very rarely do we allow them the space as well as respect to speak up. Faultless is different in this regard. They fully allow the youth to lead how they want this conversation and education to be presented. In doing so, they not only empower this youth council of sorts, but also other charities and non-profits to shake up the predetermined “FUNdraisers.” Gone are the pamphlets as well as car washes… and here are the… silent discos?

Montrose CO Faultless determined the perfect location to host this FREE event: for the FIRST 100,14-18-YEAR-OLDS THAT REGISTER... Montrose CO’s very own and brand new Amphitheater.

Saturday, August 20th, from 7:45-9:45 the first 100 to register here will be able to partake in Montrose CO’s first-ever Silent disco. Youth will be able to pick up their headphones, and tune into their DJ of choice (BATTLE OF DJ’S LETTTTTSSS GOOOOOO) as well as have a fun memory associated with education about consent. There will be raffles and a laser light show as well.

Adults don’t fret. There is something for you too!

Another brilliant idea from the youth, on how to get adults included in the conversation was splitting the evening up. After 9:45 and the youth leaves, adults can register and come out to enjoy the DJs, and the light show, and have a way to dance under the stars. As well as enjoy the food trucks and night out!

You can come out, donate what you want, and pick up your headphones! So grab your sneakers of dancing shoes, and freedom to dance! Don’t forget your urge to snack!

Be the change

you want to see

in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Next time there is a faultless Blog,

there will be more fearless youth interviews

and updates from this disco

and information for future events!

Till Next Buzz, honeybees!

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