Buzzin to the Hive

Because of your tale,
we can not wait
to get to know you better,
so we can best tell your tale in art.

Humans are, 
in their own way, 

All of the questions in the form below allow us 

to get an idea of you so we can best serve you 

and preserve your captured memories. 

So please fill out the form below! 

This way, when we hear from you, we can start serving you!


But really lets go on an
epic adventure
to add to that lovers tale of yours.

Let's make
extraordinary art
from your
incomparable love.

Do you prefer phone calls or texts?
We like facetime best! 

Our lover's tale part, which makes us so grateful: how we met.

Because looking back, it definitely feels like a "game was afoot" to bring us together.

Looking at our time together and where we are now...

All of this could not be doable had we not met.
Feel free to ask about how we met when we grab drinks to commemorate your love and plan your art!

We specialize in Destination and Adventure-based...
Extraordinary Elopements
Incomparable Couple Sessions
(Engagement + Anniversary + Boudoir)

We just want to make art from your love πŸ“ΈπŸ“½

Our State Side dream destination is Hawaii.
 Mountains and Beach, ya know?

Other side of the pond dream destination:
New Zealand or Greece.
See a trend? Mountains and Beach.

Our Homebase is...
Midwest town of Colorado, USA, called Montrose!
An hour from the unforgettable town of Telluride as well as the Switzerland of America, Ouray!
Our town has connecting flights from Denver, and is defintely worth adventuring in our neck of the woods. 
Plus, we know so many local hidden gems of locations!

The average spent on a simple couple session is 2,000 to 5,000 US Dollars.
It includes video and printed wall art as well a some digital art for sharing socially!
Our Elopements average around 5,000 to 10,000 for moving frames from the day and artworks hanging in frames.
We do offer payment plans!

We tend to send thank you notes and gifts to those who refer us! Just that extra touch!
We love to remind honeybees they still matter long after the magical days are memories.

You can call us, Ben + Becca

we will be in contact soon.

While you wait,
read about what to expect here.

Get  Ready to 

While you wait to hear from us...

People are curious, we get it.
Plus add in excitement paired with waiting...

"A watched pot, doesn't boil."


"Curiosity that is not fed knowledge fosters assumptions."

So we made a FAQ slide on our Meet Us page. 

Let's feed excitement with transparency that calms the curiousity. 

Frequently Asked Questions