February in Review: Recalling the love

Although February in review, is only 28 days, there have been many words typed for and read by you. This blog aims to recall the love of each blog, through brief summaries and thoughts shared over each. Lastly, links will be attached for easy reading to previous blogs and or added research. The photos in this blog will be my favorites from blogs posted this month.

Time to get started, February in Review.


Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer


February in Review: Cultivating a Better Relationship with Self.

This blog was written in hopes of lessening the programming from social media. Over the years of using social media, we have all been subjected to being placed either at a cool-kid table or an outcast one. We have been conditioned to lose ourselves over trying to become accepted duplicates, instead of irreplaceable originals. Hope that this blog was a grounding practice of reflection and check-in with each inner rebel who screamed, “FINALLY A REMINDER” when reading this relationship. Our rebellious side has been squished down to fit a cookie-cutter mold, that much like women’s jean sizes… can’t hold all that sass much less leave any of us feeling confident in accepting ourselves.


Down below are the listed steps, to cultivate a better relationship with self.

  1. Remove the cool-kid armor.
  2. Date interview self, and ask heavy questions.
  3. Sit with the uncomfortable feeling from answering authentically, those heavy questions and allow for a perspective shift.
  4. Thus find out what makes you interesting, not just likable or relatable.
  5. Allow the perspective shift to make yourself and others cool– without a table to gatekeep.
  6. See yourself and others as original art, not easily duplicated (and forgotten) trends.
  7. Embrace your extraordinary self, and become okay with being incomparable by not fitting into a mold.


Thoughts since posting this blog.

There was so much to cover and it barely feels like we touched the tip of the iceberg. There will be a follow-up to this one. Due to, the more research that comes out about social media’s effects on individuals and therefore society. I really want to dig deeper: over how social norms have become so morphed. So if one does not conform to a trend or look close to a duplicate, one is an outcast, a leper of sorts. Life is increasing harder, due to the cool-kid table gatekeeping right to passage. Be it: needing to work out, speak a certain way, or any habit that is deemed acceptable– living gregariously is what is post-worthy of acceptance. I really can’t wait to dig into how that has morphed how we connect with one another; we all are trying to shimmy into the tight mold of skinny jeans.


Finding One Self with Telluride

Reviewing: Boundaries and Standards, the good BS.

During this February in review blog, I would like to stress the following. Social media is not the only culprit to weakened individuality, but it has torn down the use of boundaries and standards. Social media has justified cutting off ones that do not seem cool enough, as approved behavior. Removing the human aspect of social media and reality. There is a person behind both the account and screen, not just content.

Creating the unhealthy standard that one has to “earn” coolness, rather than embrace their individuality. Sure there are many posts saying “be you” and “be your unique self”, but when everyone has a brand and trying to sell something or themselves… they can’t outright say “yeah you might be you, but your you isn’t welcomed here.” No, they package that up into nifty how-to guides to “improve” self, so that one can become more “likable/relatable”. So that one can become accepted at the cool-kid table.

The point of this blog was to create a new healthy standard.

That standard: it is more than okay to put your foot down. If you like skinny jeans and the trend says, to wear bell-bottoms, you can most definitely keep the skinny shimmy going. If you do not like drinking just to post about it and feel a part of something, you do not have to. This blog was a reminder to use better judgment for yourself and inner peace, over than following a trend to feel like you fit in. By putting the foot down, and creating good boundaries and standards that fit individual needs, lessening the need to conform: to social norms from social media, as well as generational habits.

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer


Yes, I know I keep harping on Social Media, but it’s an easy target.

Just like we all are when on it.


During this blog, February in Review, I am using Social Media as the easy and mutual target that it is. Solely because I do not know of a more mutual enemy to us all. Especially with how polarized we have become as a society on the social media cool kid kool-aid. So social media is the enemy of the public numero uno.

Anytime one finds themselves self-deprecating, self-loathing, and just hating on themselves–

ask instead of hating, what company benefits from this?

Hating complexion because of freckles? Oh, foundation brands everywhere are waiting to collect. Thinking less of self for where in life one is? Oh, baby, there is a life coach and self-help book ready to get their bag.

Side note, not saying self-improvement is bad, we are team growth, but the point is don’t get into a buying habit to fix yourself because your blooper reel is being compared to someone else’s highlight reel. At least save your money and get a library card and rent books or self-help videos.

Just overall, with everyone, either being a brand or product on social media remember the following question.

Are they being genuinely nice to you, or are they being nice in hopes of building a “connection” to you? So you feel more like trusting them and buying whatever flavor of kool-aid they are selling, so they profit off of your connection… while you feel honored to support their “hustle”.

In the time of everyone is a brand or product selling something, just because one is nice to you online doesn’t actually mean they want a real connection. They might just want their reputation to be seen as nice, to sell something.

Black and White Colorado Waterfall Photography, boundaries and standards

Here are a few Pins to add to your Pinterest Boards that simplify boundaries:

February in Review: Valentine’s Day, E’er Day, a how-to if you will.

Besides leaving a guide on how to make every day Valentine’s or any holiday, this blog used our origin story to implement all the previous blogs into a real-life scenario. In addition to, showcasing how holiday love, can become real love every day. Which builds from knowing who you are and what your needs are, what your wants are… all of which allows each of us to figure out what to look for. Yes, there was a guide at the end of this blog, passed down by a couple who have been married for over 20 years, 9 of their own rules given to them. Their tenth rule, not written, is to create moments, not wait for them. Life is too short to wait.

Now back to the common enemy numero uno.


In the day and age of social media, waiting for post-worthy life moments with self or with others. Much time is spent waiting in line, to sit at the cool-kid table. Continuing to wait for viral moments to grant passageway to a seat at a cool-kid table– leaving so much time not utilized. Allowing social media to dictate through programming what is worth and what is not, strips each individual of power. The daily guide to everyday love in this blog linked above can be applied to relationships with self. Taking back power, to be free of the expectation to appear to fit in, or have it all together all of the time.

My favorite part of this blog was co-writing it with Ben.

Laughing over, how the most favorite rule is the hardest one to follow: no negativity in the house.

During summer it’s easy to take the dogs for a walk and talk frustrations, however during winter that is harder to do.

That being said, this rule of no negativity in the house is our favorite one to enjoy (and to struggle with). As much as we prioritize a house that is both functional, fashionable, each room is dedicated to certain tasks or moods. Like our back porch room, not only does it double as a plant paradise, but also a perfect “quiet room”. No tech past wallflowers and humidifier and speaker. Allowing the world to fall away as one decompresses, meditates, or writes. As I sit in said room and write this blog. Maybe we should start a no negative room, then move to a no negative household.

Maybe, rules are just made to be broken, how about that?


Sunflower Couple Shoot in Olathe Colorado with Worldwide Elopement Visuals– February in Review

Wrapping up this Review.

This month has 28 days, the shortest month with the longest blogs to date. Days are growing longer again, sunsets are happening later and I am getting off-topic as I paint the mental picture. I guess you can say I am procrastinating on the ending of this blog. So this month only has had 3 Blogs outside of this blog, February in Review.

This shortened month has had us balancing even more than usual as we squeezed in starting (and finishing) a project for our abode amongst photo and video work, and our typical lives.

How we did it, we have no clue.

Besides late nights and early mornings, this month is a blur. The gym definitely got cut because we were prioritizing finishing projects, over hitting health goals. Not a habit to get into, however, all of this is to say…

Amongst the daily hustle and bustle noise, I think it is prime time to get some fresh air.

So I am going to literally go take a hike.

Okay, first pick up friends, and partake on a mini road trip to take a hike.

The extraordinary company makes for incomparable adventures…

even if they have to deal with me using every hike as an opportunity to scout for majestical photo locations

for the bees who not just read these blogs for the travel photography artwork…

But also for the honey bees who find their way into our hive of clients–

whose love is our muse in creating art in stills and moving frames!



Till next buzz,


P.S. Where do you think I am headed?

Drop guesses in the comments below!

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer – February in Review

Hint: It is a 3-hour road trip, 3 lasses headed out to do a 5-mile moderate hike.

I can’t wait to read your guesses!

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