How To Set Up Your Week For Peace

So much of America’s social norms around work focus on living to work. A job in America defines a person’s life. As well as consumes it, built around it…pretty much American citizens are only worthy of a job title and staying busy with work. Work is life. Now French, however, work to live. Not every party or dinner is a secret way to network and talk about jobs and work. It is simply a dinner party, a fun night. Taking that into account, these two busy bees took a lesson. A lesson in how to set up your week for peace. So this blog will discuss how we got here, and tips on how to set up your week for peace.


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Before learning how to set up a week for peace, we buzzed from honey to burn out quickly.


So one week has 168 hours.

Ben’s full daytime job takes 40.

We need to sleep for 56 hours.

So that leaves 72 hours.

And those 72 hours, 3 days, blur by FAST.

Oh man, did they, and we felt we got nothing done.

Just a little here, and a little there, but it never felt like the project got completed.

Felt like mountains just kept standing tall and that one step at a time (hike mentality) left us feeling like on a treadmill and not hiking.


Even with me working 80 hour weeks, and doing most of the grunt work, there was only so much one person or team of two could do without feeling dead, burnt out.


So in true Grams mentality, we looked at one another and went “So what are we going to do?”

Everyone said to automate, and outsource. Yet as a startup, that was not an option.

Due to that advice costing money.

Then what could we do?

More research showed people said block time out.

Yet, if there was so much to do and only 50 hours after food and hygiene.



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Setting up for peace equals learning how to prioritize.

That is the secret to blocking out time, learning how to prioritize tasks. This is when this gets tricky because this takes honesty.

“But what is so hard about honesty?”

Well it combats ego and pride, because with honesty comes the reminder:

We can not do everything all of the time.

In other words, if you want peace, you have to learn how to let go.


Letting go of the perception you can do everything all day and be on top of the ball 24/7, is what I am saying.

Prioritizing is understanding what you want to do most of what you need to,  in the time allotted.

Then do what you can of those tasks, in the time allotted.

Setting up a week for peace means finding the largest time users and giving them the time, guilt-free.


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So what were our largest time users?

That depends on the day, cooking and cleaning up after 2 hours a night. Between dietary needs and wants of not eating boring food to match those needs, cooking times were non-negotiable. However, when we condensed down the 2 hours a day into one day, and dual cook ingredients for different ingredients, suddenly that time was 3-6 hours, and food was done for the week. Dishes then were done in another few. What was once a 2 hour a night task, suddenly became a 30 minute one. Freeing up our daily night for other tasks.

With a parameter set, and seeing how much time it did free up, we moved forward with fluidity.

Trying all the ways to make Tetris occur in our life.


Romance, friends, connections, travel


solo time, health time (mental and physical), relaxing,


marketing, editing (photo and video), branding, blogging, emailing, researching, delivering


keeping up the abode, working on house projects, and cooking,


Ben’s Side I.T. gigs


One from each category per week, first attempt. Too slow.

The second attempt, making days have designated themes for taking things off the list. Better starting point.



Montrose Tech Help


Life is still chaotic, but knowing how to set up your week for peace,

is the free iced coffee we all need.

Our life is still pulling us like untrained dogs on leashes.

Yet our perspective has changed, we sit down when we get pulled.

Still tweaking and finding out what works best, because as life adjusts weather, one must adjust sails.

However, just make sure you aren’t continually adjusting sails and making no progress.

Most Americans will say that work-life balance is not their strong suit.

Whereas Americans are trained to not say no to their bosses, be slaves trained to a title to brag (read: complain about) at dinner parties to build rapport as a way to network… The French and other Europeans do not share that same codependency mindset with their jobs. Working to live, is the secret knowledge of work-life balance, Americans need. Sure Americans know how to throw parties for just about any celebration, but at those parties what is complained about in between booze and compliments? Americans never leave their work, because without it the fear of being nothing is strong. You can read more about this here.


Have fluidity, in your day to be able to adjust sails and make progress but also be able to rest with ease (without the worry of a storm brewing).




So what do we have that works?


We have a base, a skeleton at least of what works.

  • Marketing Monday
  • Transforming Tuesday
  • Website Wednesday
  • Transforming Thursday
  • Foodie Friday
  • Stunt Saturday
  • Sabbatical Sunday


Each day has a theme, so if only ONE thing gets done from adjusting sails from pulling currents,


Some weeks our lives have a barrage of currents, storms, and those sails on our ship are rattled from the constant adjusting.

Those weeks it seems completing tasks is not on the agenda.

Yes, the fluidity is fantastic for navigating tough seas.

However, the continual reminder that we can not do it all is a constant blow to egos during that time.

The small-themed tasks act as a calming balm during these weeks.


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How to set up your week for peace: Monday

“Make your Monday count to gain momentum for your week.”

We have all heard this tidbit regurgitated from celebrities to bloggers.

Yes, I hate myself for saying it however I am adding, PICK ANY DAY OF THE WEEK to be your “Monday”.

Let that day, be the day you work hard to gain momentum and if that needs to change per week then let it change.

For me, Becca Bee, personally Monday’s main task is to target a social media and market. Even if it is only 30 minutes before I take off to the next task. Organizing my desk, to appointments to emailing or messing clients.


Oh if any day calls for a made bed, it is Monday.

Monday also is a good time for easy yoga, to remind me that life comes with ebbs and flow.

Shavasana, bees. OM.

Meditation Monday works too.


If I failed to finish my planner for the week on Sunday, come Monday I am curled up in my plant room.

Finishing the physical reminder that I am only human with set hours to function within.


Oregon Couples and Landscape Photographer


Peaceful Transformation Tuesdays.

These are supposed to be for editing photos during the day, so Ben can edit video when he gets home.

Lately, I have been having sewing lessons and appointments on Tuesdays that cannot be rescheduled.

So mornings are gym or morning appointments. Then culling folders. Followed by sewing lessons for hours. Lastly Dinner with Ben, and then trying to get to bed before 11.

Tuesdays are transformational, at reminding me to breathe.


Your Tuesday might look different, but pick a theme and go for it.

If that is the only kind of task you get done that day, then so be it.


Oregon Couples and Landscape Photographer- SET UP YOUR WEEK FOR PEACE

How to set up your week for peace: Website Wednesdays

So yes, I know not everyone who reads this has a website.

So maybe your Wednesday is the day about working out.

Or maybe it is writing or a theme that does not start with a w.


However, for myself that is the day that blogs get blocked out.

As well as website tweaks.

On Wednesdays, I tend to also answer the question “what are we making come Friday?”

Looking for vetted food recipes? Check out our Pinterest Board.


Artist with a camera- set up your week for peace


Tune out and Transformative Thursdays.


These are the days where I feel like Abby from the show, NCIS.

Loud music blaring, from my Tune Out Playlist.

It also doubles as my workout playlist.

Listen here, Tune Out Playlist!


That blasting, as I transform culled images and deal with Adobe glitches.

Chugging coffee and breaks are building grocery lists to go shopping after finishing a folder.

That’s the point of Thursday.

Working for clients and stomach.

I pick Thursday to work for the stomach because it seems to be the least crowded grocery store day.

Fewer lines, less crowding in aisles, and sometimes fewer deals but I’ll take it.



Set up your week for peace: FOODIE FRIDAY.


when I get blogs done ahead of time.

There is nothing more than I enjoy than listening to jazz and dancing with my husband in between cooking.

Even if we travel early on a Friday, I love arriving early to my destination to try out a quick meal of ours in a new place.

Going to different local markets, living like locals, and keeping the tradition. We can sample foods around on Saturday.


When everyone is out and about on a Friday, the old lady in me has me enjoying a cup of tea and tunes.

Oh and getting my grandma vibe on and cooking as I have long lost whippersnappers who are visiting.

Your Friday might look different but I hope it brings the same joy.


Food Artist with a Camera


Stunt Saturday.

These are for Farmer Market’s Adventures, hiking, photo/video days with clients WE ARE STUNTIN’!

Outfits are on point, refreshing beverages are slurped AND fun times are made.

We learned the hard way, we needed outings.

Friday nights and Saturday nights often double as a night with the great company of our friends.

Our clients often turn friends throughout their experience with us, and we build rapport without talking shop.

This is important because we give them a space to be themselves without the expectation to bring their work desk with them.

This means during visual capturing sessions, they feel more at ease.


Sure you might not like hiking or traveling, but I do like to think stunting could be different for everyone.

Maybe your stunt is painting the day away guilt-free.

However you choose to spend the day you deem a Saturday, I hope it brings confidence in your life choice and peace.


Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer


Ending your week of peace with a Sabbatical Sunday.


Sundays we tend to keep a day with low phone use outside of Movie Night with long-distance friends and whatever social media challenge I am currently doing. We use our planner app and journal app to plan for the week and then journal and check in on ourselves. A playlist is on in the background and we take a lesson from the big cajun town of New Orleans and take it easy on Sunday.

That journal/planner app helps us set the week up for peace. Also greatly advise anyone who wants to calm their chaos: mapping out your week, is how to set up your week for peace. There is nothing better than being able to go, regardless of what day it is, I know what I need to get done to feel at peace. Even if your Monday is your Friday, and Your Saturday is your Monday.

Setting up a week to work to live, not live to work, is the way to go. 

Switching from just a photographer to an artist with a camera, caused me to switch mindsets.

Make time for hiking (scouting for photo locations) for friends.

Not push-off date night, because  “editing deadline”.

Take a long time hanging out with clients instead of jetting off.

Prioritize either yoga or gym or resting, all 3 benefit my health.

It caused me to stop drinking multiple koolaids and even if this path gets rocky, and scary and I feel like the oddball out.

I will always be thankful for this, break away from expected performance and actually be able to have a life.

Thank you to all who either purchase hanging printed artworks or book sessions and support this mindset by doing so.

Your support means so much, and I am so happy to have you on this journey with me.



Now how you might set up your week for peace, might look completely different.


In true, “I shared now it’s your turn” fashion, what is something you could break up, or push into one day to get done?

To make your week have peace and less chaos?


For us, it started with cooking, and from there we got the sails under control of our ship.

What is something that would give you time back?

While you mull that over, I found these two links that might let you choose a day for Sunday Ease.

Then calmly use that time to set up your week for peace.

Link One, The Sunday Set-Up.

Link Two, 6 Purposeful Sunday Habits.

Hopefully, both of these will help you find your footing, as you get started setting weeks up for peace.


Vincent Van Gogh Art Exhibit- set up your week for peace


Hi, this is Becca Bee and I have a few things to say.

When I get random messages, or phone calls, or facetime that say:


Or a variety of that, after 0 comments, and thinking no one is reading these…

It is like a Jack in the box, that springs up out of nowhere and cues happy music.

So if you are reading, just drop an emoji in the comment section at least, so I can prep for that Jack in the Box Moment.


Thank you for all that do read these blogs, and I do hope they make you feel relaxed and less alone.

Till next buzz, honeeeyybeees.


Oregon Couples and Landscape Photographer




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