Patience, do we know her?

Last week’s topic discussed fear. I accidentally left a little easter egg for this week’s topic. Did you catch it? “take away the timeline for success”. Patience might be found then… Don’t worry the fear of not having enough time is a normal fear that plagues many of us.

If you aren’t grinding, is death really “worth it”?

This is one way to manipulate the masses to fear that they are running out of time.

As well as make impulsive behaviors normal

as we all impatiently tap our feet against the tock of the metaphorical ticking clock.

“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

So the irony of this blog, is that I tried to quickly write it and the more I tried to make it easy, the more the words would not churn out. So I am scraping all of the prewritten words that were calm, cool, and collected. Typically I add the personal bit at the end before questions, this time, personal bit first, and let’s get to the advice and explain then.

People who I meet now praise the patience they see, and people from the past say “Oh wow, from childhood you are more patient.” First off, I would hope by now I would know how the world works a bit better than a child would. Secondly, growth can be messy and ironic. I don’t feel like I gained patience in all aspects of my life, so hearing compliments now always makes me stifle a snort. Just like many people, I don’t like waiting for a few things. Success is one of them because once one has tasted quick success…stalling tastes sour. Waiting can boggle anyone down.

In this hurry up and wait for a quick fame timeline, “patience is a virtue” of an idiom.

Yet patience might be the key to listening to all of the teachers: fear, regret, and judgment.


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That was the perfect segue to remind from last’s week’s blog, and the previous, as well as “Don’t Judge“, that these teachers are not a bad thing.  So the fear of running out of time; the regret of not having enough time;

or judgment if time was spent well, are not bad guys. Even if they are fueling society to grind and die, or in musical reference of a check box…

write like we all are running out of time.

Having the Patience to listen to the teachers, takes time.

Writing like there is no time, is meant to teach us not to be the stick out of the options of carrot and stick.

“But how could it be the carrot?

We’re all running out of time!

The world is dying, world war 3 could start anyday!

We need to grind to die before we just die!”


First off, breathe and pause.

Patience is still a virtue meant to learn before death, regardless of all the “I can sleep when I am dead” quotes on the internet.

Yes, the world is burning up with egotistical leaders ready to fire away at the peaceful normal of “what works”. This does not mean time is just meant for grinding before death.

Ironically our time is worth more.

The age-old saying is “all the time in the world”.

Yet we tend to push and listen to the fear brought on by, “there is no time like the present because tomorrow is not promised.”


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No time should be wasted, but time also should not be taken for granted either.

Time to expand. No there should be no expectation that success and dreams just happen on their own.

However, there should not be blinding from ambition and the expectation of success.

To the point of forgetting that there is so much more to life outside of the realm of monetary success or hitting the quote of society.

At the risk of sounding like a yogi, there needs to be a balance of time use.

Rather than running down the clock because there is “no time but the present.”

Time to leave behind, getting lost in impulsive behaviors of impatience and frustration at lack of success.

So even if tomorrow is not promised, there is no recycling regret into an everlasting to-do list.

That continuously overflows into the un-promised morrow.

It is time to find a balanced lifestyle.

Bringing joy each day, free from the weight of the stick,

and allowing enjoyment of the carrot.


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So what is a balanced life?

Balanced living takes time and patience, to accomplish.

A balanced life takes in all aspects of one’s life:

work, relationships, romance as well as physical and mental health–

and not become bogged down by all of it.


In layman’s terms, don’t replace the impatience of success with the impatience of trying to find balance.

Instead, take the time to find what brings joy in each aspect of life, as well as what doesn’t. In addition to what makes an ever-lasting to-do list, not be as appealing to claim for success.

Productivity, performing, and being worried it’s all not enough…

Stop letting impatience lead that there is not enough time or fear and judgment leave room for regret.

Instead, get to know patience and how a little bit with self can go a long way in building a life where it is not all gas and no brakes.

Here are a few tips for and benefits from a balanced life, read here.

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Patience is a virtue.

So how does a balance life tie into rushed success?

Remove the fear of not being enough, regret recycled into resolutions of never-ending to-dos and the judgment from others as well as ourselves.

Install patience instead.

Fear loses instant crippling control when one has patience with themselves to be kind.

Regret’s power weakens when one uses patience to learn lessons and be okay with “failure.”

Patience silences judgment with time spent being understanding.

Patience is the saving grace, not just a virtue or an idiom.

Take away the pressure of the timeline of success, life is more enjoyable.

Patience to build a balanced life is not about being successful in all aspects.

It’s about prioritizing what brings peace and joy over what is a checked box of a to-do list.

There are only two questions this week.

What does implementing patience look like in our own lives?

How would society change, with the pressure to beat the clock was removed?


It’s never too late to make or remake yourself.

“If you didn’t make it in your 20s, you can make it in your 30s. If you didn’t make it in your 30s, you can make it in your 40s. And if you didn’t make it in your 40s, you can make it in your 50s,”- Judge Judy

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