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There are many types of people you will cross in your life. The one that creates an intersecting point is the one who changes your life: is your soulmate.  Your soulmate will create an intersecting point, end the path you were on and create a new path for you. Like a sunflower, they will only point you to the lighted path while gifting you shade on long days! Speaking of soulmates lighting a path. We had the honor of meeting Anisha and Justin and an even greater honor of capturing their love on their anniversary, for Colorado Sunflower Couple Photos. Disclaimer, this blog was first published in 2017, but never got moved over from the old website. So it’s getting a facelift this week. 


So without further ado,

Anisha and Justin.

In a Colorado Sunflower Couple Photos session.

Now to tell their love snippets, as they kiss in sunflowers.


Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer

Colorado Sunflower Couple Photos capture a Lover’s Tale.


They have a sweet lover’s tale.

Started off with a meeting in middle school and being neighbors. For years they hung out, the family joke was that these two were going to get married. 

From Justin’s point of view, he always saw himself with Anisha and even had a dream of the two of them getting married.

He even told her at age 13, of this dream. 

So they started dating at age of 14. The rest is history because they got engaged on Christmas of 2015, then married in August 2016. 

Now their relationship has not been as easy as it sounds, between tales of running away, and life-changing health issues. 

Thankfully the health issues were resolved, and the tales of running away turned into walking down the aisle and dancing in a sunflower field.


Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer

Scariest times lesson: Even though we have been through a lot, even though we are young- it never felt like we would walk away from one another.


Montrose Colorado Sunflower Couple Photos

May your kisses create reminders of the magic the two of you breathe into one another.


“He’s more myself

than I am.

Whatever our souls

are made of,

his and mine

are the same.”

― Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

Telluride Colorado Sunflower Couple Photos Adventure Photographer

Colorado Sunflower Couple Photos are such a fun way to encapture and immortalize in art, your Lover’s Tale.

As a result of this being an old blog in need of a facelift. We realized that in the beginning, we did not ask a lot of questions of our Lovers, sharing their tales. In addition, we also realized how little we knew about blogging.

So now we are here.

Furthermore, we realized even if we did not ask all the right questions, that does not mean a blog has to be empty.

Rather one big picture book!

In fact, these Colorado Sunflower Couple Photos are a realization of how we never explain the significance of locations or our artistic viewpoints.

So moving forward, we are rectifying these lessons learned. Consequently, starting with this blog.

Montrose Colorado Sunflower Couple Photos

Colorado Sunflower Couple Photos are best for those who have had to grow through fertilizing and trying to find the light.

For example, in this Lover’s Tale, it was a health scare, that fertilized and made finding the light hard.

On the contrary, another couple might have financial struggles that fertilize.

So in point, really Colorado Sunflower Couple Photos, are for anyone who has a Lover’s Tale.

Just like any other location we chose to connect lovers with, to make art. Colorado Sunflowers hold the reminder that love takes kindness, patience, understanding, and well fertilizer.

Grams, always said,

“You grow through

your 💩.”

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer


These Colorado Sunflower Couple Photos always remind all: that flowers can not bloom without work.

Ask any gardener or florist, florals and crops take work.

Ask any relationship that has weathered the storms of life together, and they will tell you the same answer.

So when a couple signs up for a Colorado Sunflower Photography session, I become exhilarated.

The exhilaration comes from the chance to feed my curiosity.

By being able to be inquisitive over their Lover’s Tale, I look forward to learning about the storms that took work to weather through.


“The Honeymoon phase does not exist when you fall for someone who is dedicated to making you feel loved and admired the ENTIRE time you’re theirs.

That is the defintion of unconditional love.

Stop normalizing the loss of affection in realtionships, that is a choice, not a phase.”



I can’t find the full quote now, but it basically said similar. That the destination is the honeymoon, not a phase.

Yet knowing how tough life can be without combining two souls and hearts, my interest always piques around the contrast.

The contrast is the journey to the honeymoon, and back when the inevitable tempestuous weather happens.

Inevitable because there is only so much one can control, and if you try to control life, you’ll only add more stress.

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer


A Couple’s Lovers Tale is a muse for making art; however, without the gritty contrast brought in from rough reality moments, any artwork would be flat.

Going back to growing, taking work and time… without the grit to remind one what to be thankful for, there is a higher chance of assumption.

Let me preface with: no one should need the grit to be thankful or stay thankful.

However, as life happens sometimes the grit reminds us who is there for us when we can not be there for ourselves.

“I’ll stand with you

in the pouring rain,

even though I know

I could be dry.

That’s what happens

when you love someone.

Your happiness just

doesn’t mean as much

without theirs.”


So just like sunflowers, growing through fertilizing dirt. A couple who weathers tempestuous weather also finds a way to face the sun again.

Together, once more and forevermore.

After a long time of growing and working through a fertilizing storm.

That’s why I, Becca bee, love some colorado sunflower couple photos!

Ouray Colorado Elopement Photographer

Aloha Lovers,

Where is your lover’s tale taking us?

Till Next Buzz, honeybees!

Worldwide Elopement Visuals


Ben + Becca


Gotta go make art from love as an artist with a camera.

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer

PS: Please don’t forget to comment if you enjoyed this honeycomb of Colorado Sunflower Couple Photos blog!

It Doesn’t Seem Enough

I want to tell you “Thank you,”
But it doesn’t seem enough.
Words don’t seem sufficient–
“Blah, blah” and all that stuff.

Please know I have deep feelings
About your generous act.
I really appreciate you;
You’re special, and that’s a fact!

By Joanna Fuchs

Telluride Colorado Sunflower Couple Photos Adventure Photographer
  1. BreeAnna says:

    omg so beautiful! you captured them and their love so well!

  2. Dakotah says:

    Sunflower fields make for the perfect couples session location – the quotes and insight you included are perfect!

  3. sydney says:

    Sunflower fields are beautiful for a couples session!

  4. I love a good sunflower field session! such amazing tall flowers to get lost with love in!

  5. Will says:

    Love the variety in what you captured!! So beautiful!!

  6. Kathryn says:

    This feels very intimate and artsy. You have a unique way of looking at things!

  7. Sam says:

    Wow what a powerful concept- the idea of you and your partner intersecting. I’ve never thought of it like that before! Great post!

  8. Marcela says:

    I absolutely love grams quote! Gowing as a couple is one of the best adventures in life!

  9. BreeAnna says:

    Sunflower fields make the best backdrops for photoshoots! I love your way of looking at the world!

  10. Julia says:

    You have such a talent for sharing love stories!!

  11. Emma says:

    These are so pretty!! Nice job!

  12. Justyna says:

    Sunflowers, couples in love, and so much adventure…yasssss to al of this!

  13. Naomi Levit says:

    This Colorado photo session is so unique! I’m a sucker for sunflowers and an artsy editing style!

  14. Shauna Ward says:

    This is beautiful! You did a great job of capturing their love story.

  15. Kat says:

    Photographing in sunflower fields is such fun, and a veil makes it even better

  16. Sienna says:

    What a cool concept for a session! Love sunflowers, and the antique vibes these photos provide.

  17. Monica says:

    You captured their love story beauitfully! And I love how you incorporated the sunflowers!

  18. Hillary says:

    Sunflowers are one of my favorites for sure and they are always so great in photos!! You have certainly captured their unique elopement beautifully with your unique style!

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