No Noise November 2021

No Noise November 2021


“I disappear <from online> sometimes. It’s my thing.”


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Every year my most asked question about No Noise:

“How did it affect me?”

Each year I give a brief, short, cookie-cutter, expected answer.

“It reminded me that there is more to life than posting; we as a society have become so polarized and easy to manipulate  by social media.”

The blog is typically a long-winded version of explaining and referencing different research.

People then tend to respond in their own polarized way.

This year, I decided to write 3-6 sentences per day to record the change in thoughts. 

This year that is the blog.

It’s good to switch it up, SURPRISE.


California backroads, Cloudy California backroad roadtrip

A majestic California cloudy day on the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Background to No Noise and how I was attracted to it, versus running from.

Growing up in the age of technology, from VHS-DVD-DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, I was no stranger to the power of new tech.

I remember each year the magnitude of the jump in technology, now it just seems wasteful to not make old products better.

Before I get onto that tangent, growing up I definitely latched onto certain tech more.

As a social media teen when it first came onto seen, I can remember being salty about joining Instagram before it was trending…

begging friends to follow and they all didn’t.

They didn’t see a point, a year goes by now everyone wants me back on social media following them.

I was and still am very salty when friends expect support when it is cool,

and yet don’t support their friends when it isn’t overall cool.

Be kind, support your friends, before it benefits you.

Black and white candid portrait.

Getting back to backstory, I had a different version of No Noise growing up, called grounding. 

Pretty sure we all have been grounded before.

Normal grounding rules:

no tech, better make sure you don’t say you are bored without chores being done and find a way to keep yourself entertained. 

Honestly, I don’t remember what I got grounded for, probably my facial reactions…

still couldn’t gamble to save my life, but thanks for trying padres.

Ya failed, still have a tell-tell face, and still have “attitude eyes.”

That’s something no noise nor grounding will ever help.


Colorado Adventure Waterfall Photographer Portrait

ANYHOW, from one grounding for something small came a day of NO TECH.

Not a problem, I did my chores, asked if the music was allowed (only a certain kind was), and then proceeded to read a book I had put off…

then after I apologized to mom via letter… I not so smartly thanked her for a day to myself.

“It was nice to just spend the day reading, I forgot how nice it was to not be in front of the tv. Thanks for reminding me.”


My smiling happy face was not what my mother expected, nor was she pleased as she read my postscript.

She then issued a decree that every week until further notice I would have to take a day with no tech past music. 

Fast forward, I am grown, do not live at home, and married with two bundles of furry divas who dictate the correct amount of pets for a day.

I still try to take a no-noise day once per week, if not per two weeks.

Outside of music, I busy myself or let myself get bored. 

Both, BOTH, is good. I’ll expand on this later.

And one month out of the year, I kiss social media au revoir for a month and limit phone use to reading or pinning food and music.

Now, enter my mind and read along with the entries; feel free to grab your favorite blanket and beverage and relax…

oh, and in true no noise fashion, turn on that do not disturb mode.


No Noise November Thought Progress

Colorado San Juan Mountain Range



Oct. 18th

Spammed posted my way out of waiting till first, to depart social media.

Although I am excited and know I won’t miss the fear of a post not doing well… my brain is cynical in stating,

“I bet no one read nearly 10 posts warning of departing for a month, and I will have to spend time responding to emails and texts…

and will spend more time posting next year before departure.”


Oct. 19th

Leakgate kept me occupied this morning, so I couldn’t get into my no-noise schedule…

I did want to reach your phone and post photos of a horrid morning with #bringmecoffee…

I really hate how this 365 social media post-challenge is supposed to be about becoming “more thankful and vulnerable”

but instead, it rewires a brain for social media-dominated thoughts.


Oct 20th.

Today was a busy day of getting everything ready for a two-night stay in a new town…

naturally I skipped my regular schedule for no noise: journal, meditate, yoga, read, plan the day.

Then knock out that to-do list like a well-empowered human. Instead, it was a checklist check off of a morning, and hurry up.

Maybe tomorrow? If I had been on social media for today, I probably would have posted though. Because that is “quick.” (It really isn’t my screentime logs tell me so)


Oct 21st

Woke late and while in new towns that means travel time,

not No Noise time or even work time if I am not being paid for it.

One thing I do like about reverting back to a desktop is it definitely makes trips less “work” based and more a little work and even more fun.

I researched this prior to, and definitely having a physical boundary with work makes me much more present.

However, I should still be pushing myself during no noise to still journal first, because if I can post first daily– I can journal.




Oct. 22nd

Living more in the moment is so freeing.

Yet I can’t help but catch thoughts of “I wonder what I am losing out on by not posting.”

As well as the “oh this would make a good ___ post.” Even some thoughts over how my analytics were doing. 

I started this year, challenge, by not caring how a post did. Now suddenly these thoughts are popping up during traveling times.

How did I go from not caring to overly caring? Is social media the ultimate ex you didn’t want to deal with to start with? 




Oct 23rd

We start driving today to return back to normal life… camera is at the ready set.

Besides a few phone moments (mostly for music and directions), I am taking everything in without being behind a screen or camera.

I’ll get back to a normal brain pattern yet. 



Oct 24th

I feel like social media makes disassociating okay.

Checking out, tuning out, for comfort because we don’t want to be awkward, bored, or present.

And going without being plugged in for even a short time, outside seems brighter and the world seems less bleak.

There might be a short life outside of the many problems ongoing in the world and society, but without constantly digital downloading of all the things– there is still life.

No matter how short-lived or chaotic it might be. No Noise makes you adjust back to a time of less noise, I still read my news app daily but not hearing EVERYONE’S opinion is definitely nice.

The polarization kills my heart because people say things in passing without realizing the weight of it all, and just call it “honesty” or worse do not even register it past “it is my opinion.” 


No Noise, black and white portrait tree and path. Colorado Adventure Photographer

One Week Mark


Oct 25th

I am officially that friend in group chats again.

Long messages after reading what I missed when I have service, and sending “sorry this is why I am not responding” with a photo of the great outdoors.

Oh, how I have missed this peace. Why did I do a 365 posting challenge?!

It’s so unlike me?!




Oct 26th

Even though I prepped myself for over a year for this no noise, it is still odd to take photos and not post them from my phone, let alone not think about posting them.

It’s weird, it always gets to me the most. How much I prefer not having to post life to be relatable so that people see me past a photographer and see me as a human.

Why is that?

If you are in the media freelancing gig, you have to be more than your career online to have “respect”?

I am still a human, I shouldn’t have to share or think of how to share while maintaining privacy in my life?

ON THAT NOTE, why does one NEED to be tied to social media as “normal”?

I have been working on the website for over a year and yet my social media still gets way more traction because of the “human brand”.

My photography is the product, my life, and who I am is not. But if I just post photos, there is no need to follow?

What happened to social media just being about posting? WHY DOES EVERYTHING NEED TO SELL?

When did we all become walking commercials and even people, not celebrities or influencers or media workers, need their own personal brands? 

Like this, No Noise was the world before social media, no branding people, just people.

Wonder if we could ever get back to this as a norm? OR are we destined to stay cattle branding ourselves to be in a cage, to fit in?




Oct 27th

I have begun to wonder how quickly one is forgotten when not on social media.

Marketing coaches say post 7 times a day to stories, 1-3 posts a week,

and ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE to leave an impression and make sure each thing leaves an impression or something you want to be remembered by.

Yet I wonder if we flip that, how many days of not posting does it take to be forgotten?




Oct 28th

Following the last few days of pinwheel thoughts: how nice of a reminder it is to be forgotten as you live your life?

Whereupon social media is about people-pleasing to be accepted, the freedom to live, be and create without fear of not being liked… WHEW.

To take a break from knowing people are creeping to hate, people are forming their opinions over life that isn’t there.

Hardly any follow to just support nowadays, they follow to see if their investment will be worthwhile into someone else’s life will be paid off in what they find agreeable to themselves. 

Causing us all to forget there are humans attached behind the screen. In our own way, we forget people even when they do post. 

Is it sad to be forgotten? YES.

Is it nice to not need/want online life to live? Yes.




Oct 29th

Not going to lie, I used ben’s phone to check my follower count today to see if my fear of losing followers from not posting happened. Yup.

I didn’t stay long enough to do count but I did see it did drop.

This confirms people want a show to watch.  Am I sad? No.

Annoyed more like it. People should not have to keep up online life to be liked, followed, or remembered.

When did we get selfish in a bad way with social media, and start expecting posts or using posts to qualify humans for interactions? 




0ct 30th

In light of frustration,  I’ve started to plan 52 captions for next year’s 52-week challenge, and plan on pre-typing to just copy and paste per week post and then deleting apps after I post again.

I know I have to market somehow on social media, but I’D RATHER KEEP IT MINIMALLY and diversify my income and worry about different things–

but making followers have FOMO to make them want to work with me ain’t it for me.

Never has and it is time I stop walking that line of real yet private for the sake of marketing like everyone else.

Bring back posting just to post or have a message/vibe attached, but bring freedom to post when one feels like it too. 

(Looks at self, is that the real reason behind me wanting to do social media challenges? Can I get a therapist answer for 200, anyone?!)



Oct 31st

Looking around in a crowded space, and seeing/hearing so many phones playing social media paired with so many grumpy faces …

Is social media really making any of us ACTUALLY happy? 

No, but in this dystopia brought on by more capitalizable gain fewer souls fed;

one lone elder sits with her dog reading a book, looking content… and I wonder what she thinks.



Vista House, Oregon. No Noise November






Nov 1st 

Whew, started two weeks early.

I deeply regret not having social media to write how to be a good neighbor guide.

HOWEVER, it is probably a good thing. It would be more sarcastic than helpful.

But two weeks in, I have missed the pet photos and videos and the food snaps

(camera eats first in this day and age of social media, and I think that’s a plus)

so I started reaching out to people.

Currently happy I did not limit the phone completely and just go with the flow.



Nov 2nd

Speaking of reaching out to people– people have begun reaching out to me.

Showing me outfits, food, nieces, tea– basically anything they have seen me post, and have linked to me…

I now have that returned off social media.

And honestly, it’s the sweetest form of respecting a personal boundary

and going “not everyone forgets nor wants you for the box they want you to fill.”




Nov 3rd

Now my second most asked question,

“did leaving social media fix your mental health?” 


It refreshes mind, frees space up, and undos social media hold on the brain,

but leaving social media won’t cure anxiety, depression or ANY mental health issues.

You know what might make people who take their mental health seriously feel better?

Is if others who do not take theirs or simplify mental health issues,

to listen and be present and NOT water down mental health to “just get off your phone.” 

Phones can contribute, are not the sole reason why mental health numbers are going up.

De-stigmatizing talking about mental health and lighting ways for others to feel less alone,

and more access to help is what makes the “percentage of adults who struggle with mental health” go up.

Thank you.

Instead of saying “get off of phone” why don’t we replace it with

“is this something I can sit with you over or would you like help getting to therapy?

I’ll get coffee and be ready for post session you.”

If you need or want therapy,

please use this site to help start you on the journey of finding one for your desired purpose.

Click here.



Nov 4th

Typically my no noise, I limit interactions and phone use.

Last year it was 2 social interactions per week (work sessions counted), and 24 hours of phone use.

I decided to go with the flow this year. 

Yet these 2 weeks in, I have moments where I do and don’t regret this call. 

I couldn’t limit phone use this year because my landlord had to deal with a very upset tenant as they tried to fix problems that arose.

Also they validated a lot of grievances each time things were voiced.

They have created a plan to fix and thank goodness I know how to reorganize quickly and keep house from looking disheveled .

I would lose my mind working from home with a chaotic messy abode.

And leaving social media didn’t enhance my mood during these times,

so stop acting like not using social media is a magical eraser. 

I was still mad and definitely did not feel “less” mad without social media. 



Nov 5th

About 2 weeks into no noise, and I can honestly say I miss my snapchat.

You know where you just post snippets of your day, and not market?

Your friends send you snippets of their day…

and basically it’s video/photo voicemails…

along with long distance friendships galore…

those always highlight day! 

Especially because snapchat is the best

“you’ll see this when you see this. But I am not okay right this instant, and you’ll get this when you do.”

+ “look at my food/child”


Basically snapchat is still what social media started as, a way to connect.

Yes there are still ads, and yes there are still “influencers”

but I feel like you can control more

of what you do not want to see on snapchat

more than any other social media.

Plus on your birthday, all your snaps turn into presents

and I wish you could toggle that feature everyday,

because WELL.

That’s a good analogy for a snap,

a present of present moment in someone’s life

that they wanted to share with you.


Nov 6th

A busy day of cleaning and prepping for next week

and getting into the flow of things after busy trips.

Not a single thought over social media entered my mind.



Nov 7th

Slow days are definitely when my brain wonders to social media based thoughts more.

Read a news article recently over how

social media has taken the ability

of being okay with being bored

and in taking away boredom

took away the motivation

that comes from it

as well as the tranquility to just sit.

Turning boredom into a thing we fear.


Nov 8th


This is typically when I plan marketing on socials for the week.

And I spend the entire day on socials researching different topics, 

making notes of my personal takes on them,

and finding a way to not sound like a robot or an overly zealous opinion. 

Today however it was a landlord update time, and then several group chats all went HI…at the same time…

and for once I was not out in wilderness and uh, could actually be present. Oh and journaling.

Very weird quiet day.

Sure I could market ahead and get everything ready but honestly,

I know getting into routine would suit me better so I can easily create marketing ideas later.


Three Week Mark


Starry Night in Colorado, No Noise

Nov 9th

Tuesday, and Thursday are my transforming days.

Aka I stay in Lightroom or Photoshop all day and become an editing fiend

and then a zombie when Ben comes home and asks “are you okay?”

Then I literally suddenly can not shut up from not interacting with a human.

And he has to deal with me. 

This never changes in No Noise. He does not get a break from this.

Someone check on Ben’s good ear.

Speaking of Ben,

he always reminds me every No Noise that

just because I have “extra time” from no social media,

that does not mean I NEED to be overly productive.

If I can produce results without all the time added,

then I can slow down my days some.

Journal more, leave house more, and be unavailable but do so for me.



Nov 10th

Wednesday. Always for website.

Except for the time being because ben is coding it

and fixing it for better experience. 

So now it is blog draft time.

Or if ben had his way,

“rest and stop trying to over produce just because the stigma

from working from home equals to not work or being taken seriously.”



Nov 11th

Honestly if I had to pick one day to edit it would 100% be Thursday.

I seem to find my groove on Thursday

so much more naturally and easier to find and sync into all day.

Less of a hurdle more of a swan dive.

My reason why is still undiscovered

and even outside of No Noise,

Thursday is just my day to feel empowered

and can just bust out work like no other. 




Nov 12th

Friday is a day I use my phone THE MOST.

From snagging ingredients and posting food, and using my app for grocery list

and Pinterest for recipes, Friday is the day where my phone rarely is not nearby.

It’s very odd to now just take screen shots from apps, and then just take photos of food and move on. 

I do miss the “can I come to dinner” response from food posts.

You guys know how to tell me which food is more popular before I even eat any!

However it did cause us to finish cooking faster

and get to Benjamin’s “you should rest now everything is done, what more is there to do?” 

Being married to a honey bee as I am a busy bee,

I always wonder how I functioned before all this man(ben)dated rest now.


No Noise Tacos

Nov 13th

Saturday when we are not out

with bees of clients in the world of wilderness capturing Lover’s Tales;

out exploring possible new locations with or without friends;

or prepping for a game night (food, chores we forgot, or recharging social meter)

then we are at home working on things that did not get done during week.

Yes we know, this slows turnaround time,

but thankfully we have clients who are humans,

who act like humans, and treat us like humans.

Where they do not want us working through holidays

or special occasions, just so they don’t have to wait. 

These same wonderful clients, have our schedule

and know if they text/email anything work related we have work hours for a reason.

This week was a gamenight and I was making a dessert.

Our friends typically eat the extra food

due to neither ben nor I have learned how to cook or bake for two.

Then why not cook you ask?

All of our friends know how to cook, some know how to make drinks, some know how to bake.

We take turns or find a flow

where we can all do our own thing

without being like “you do that” or “it was my turn to do that”.

Play to your strengths and vibe.

Only thing different with No Noise:

more present less scrolling, and always feel like I am winning due to that.



Nov 14th

Sleepy Sunday.

A play on God’s “you shall rest on the 7th day”

and Ben’s “you gotta sleep in and do nothing sometime”.

Sunday brunch is allowed after 11 but anything prior too;

only call in case of emergency.

Even if we do not sleep in

(furry divas tend to be alarm clocks without snooze)

we curl up with them after tending to their needs and talk,

or read books or just listen to music.

Sleepy Sunday is that, sleepy and enjoying the quietness.

Before Movie night with friends in the evening.

No reason to rush, no reason to be worried.

Just breathing with the world who is too tired to scream “do more”.

No Noise difference: less scrolling more reading. 



Nov 15th

Today I caved

and muted phone, watch, tablet,

and did not turn on computer to work.

Mental Health Mute should be a hashtag and trend,

because that was the 3 letter explanation most people got to know, “come back tomorrow.”

And truthfully time flew as I just listened to music and journaled and devoured a whole book in 6 hours. 

I went to bed early.


Nov 16th

Where upon yesterday

it took me a few hours to be okay with not being productive and getting all the things done;

it took my lovely husband .003 seconds to say

“maybe tomorrow too?

You seem like you need to look up the difference between productive and over working.”

Today however the ignored list of todos

from yesterday paired with the todos of today,

are screaming banshees and they need to get done.

I do miss social media.

Could blindly blame that for the reason things did not get done. 

However every NNN (no noise November) always shows me,

I am but one human,

sure ben helps out with tech, coshooting and does video (which takes his own time to do)…

but marketing and making sure things get researched is my domain of sheer comfort.

Doing it does take great amount time

and in the end can often leave fear

that it wasn’t enough accomplished in business hours.

Which I have to remind myself,

people who have more money to outsource have more time to relax.

It takes a village.



Nov 17th

Getting behind on tasks always drives me insane.

I used to stay up well into the night,

crash for 6-7 hours in the dawn light– if it crossed off checklist entirely.

Ben’s favorite quality of me: how I am able to plan and execute and finish tasks.

His least favorite: my tenacity to throw caution to the wind, healthy timelines, to get things done. 

I did profusely warn him the closer to a deadline the more I will push to get it done. 

Our compromise, I sleep and take an ACTUAL BREAK from work after a big task is completed.


Month Mark for No Noise.

Western Colorado Adventure Photographer, No Noise November

Nov 18th

This month has gone by in a blur,

10 birthdays alone make this month ONE OF THE BUSIEST MONTHS.

Add in Friendsgiving and thanksgiving,

thankfully it will be on thanksgiving

yet lord knows daydreams of an empty todo list is taking over mind.

Just for a little bit – idle hands makes me bored,

I tend to find something todo.

Anyhow social media mindset has gone from

“oh my growth, was done in vain” to “wait that’s a thing?!”

Transpiring each November even prior to finding blogs

talking about giving up social media for a month. 

November is a chaotic month and nothing will change my mind. 

Oh and the dread on returning has creeped in.

The numbers always fluster me:

likes, shares, comments, dms,

who is searching for account, posting enough, not being spammy,

being tied to just wanting to be happy over posting and at war with being seen.

This is probably why every marketing coach says “focus on being remembered.” Not being just seen fyi.



Nov 19th

The transition in mentality always gets me.

No Noise brings the reminder, that social media isn’t the only thing to judge a company off of.

I mean think about you have companies pr positing how they support BLM,

then are secretly funding neo-nazi propaganda through an opinion network.

So if we judge a company off social media

it is time for Scooby gang to come unmask the fakeness it is.

How it is just larger corporations working

with massive teams and funds to manipulate the logarithm, to manipulate users.

To then make smaller creators and businesses feel like there is no hope in trying to out manipulate the logarithm.



Nov 20th

The dread that my forgotten accounts well returning to them,

sat heavy on me today.

I have come to realize I have enjoyed having things to talk about not posts.

Without fail, the countdown starts to return, I find myself asking “why?” 

Never when I start the countdown to leave social media.

Black and White San Juan Mountains

Let the Countdown Begin.

Nov 21st

Less than 10 days till my return to social media

and I can honestly say I don’t have a good “welcome back to my Internet cave. Pardon the cobwebs” post.

And as much as my job relies on social media–

I’d rather be on my website than scrolling and trying to combat logarithms.



Nov 22nd

Week of Turkey.

My typical work schedule disregarded as

I surf my Pinterest food board for all the sides and desserts.

Can honestly say past Pinterest, that there isn’t social media on mind.



Nov 23rd

Game night, Editing, and last minute store running for ingredients. 

Seriously I know this makes me sound personal and relatable;

who has time for social media?

What are the reasons for creators to have expectations of posting during busy holiday times???

No, I have a mile long list of todos that do not include content creating.

Prior to anyone commenting or thinking

“Just content create before holidays and then automate posting”


Since why is there an expectation to post?

Why can’t everyone just give one another a break and go  “live life.”



Nov 24th

Friendsgiving past a photo of half of a eaten turkey enchilada, there was not a photo taken. 

Not realizing until we were leaving at 11,

I didn’t even remember to take a photo of all the food there or on a plate, and ya know…

we literally just had the best time with friends.

It didn’t need me to be on phone or behind a camera to be remembered.

A mere nugget of peace amongst the holiday season:

7 hours of peace. 7 hours of laughter and memories, a

nd not a need for a selfie, or a photo. 

It’s my gold nugget and you can’t have!

Jesting aside, each November when I realize

I am not taking photos of memories,

I make this joke to myself and Ben.


Nov 25th

Friendsgiving unexpectedly last minute got bumped to the day prior.

We then got a call from friends who had yet to celebrate and or wrangle a group together.

Due to telling everyone else no because they had asked when Friendsgivng had been marked for Thanksgiving, we were open.

Typically Friendsgiving doesn’t fall on thanksgiving

yet at time of planning that was the only day open for 20 people.

Unexpected changes paired with not a photo taken. 

Past outfit photo. 

The privacy is nostalgic peace.


Colorado Waterfalls

Five Days Before Return.

Nov 26th

Black Friday, and 100% am refusing to leave house. 

During no noise, I relish the LACK OF ADS. 

The lack of ads with sales,

 lack of sales with ads

the lack of noise from companies acting desperate for my attention and money.

Unless a camera lens goes from 2k to 20 dollars you do not have my attention span.

Still in turkey coma and waddling so. 

Being content with life is definitely an added bonus to no noise.



Nov 27th

Spent today cleaning up post week of cooking sides and late nights,

prepping to host tomorrow.

The thought of returning to social media is numbing.

I’ve kept up on news from news app, I don’t miss the polarized closed minded opinions all the time.



Nov 28th

Final day of hosting people before no noise is up.

Then instead of the following:

“If you were on social media you would know”

“I’ll be back in a few days”, I sadly smiled after.

“Well your life matches what you post.”

It will sound like:

“So you/I saw the post!”



Nov 29th

Spent the day blogging.

Could be added to this blog. Could be it’s own.

Felt amazing to write without the frustration to think creatively, just usefully. 

Blog work is delightful, due not being limited characters or limited amount.


Nov 30th

Today was an off day.

Final day away from online civilization.

I spent the time loving the pups more,

finishing this blog draft, telling myself no, to productivity.

UNCOMPANIED by the guilt of

“In absence of social media, I ought to be EXTRA productive.”

Absolutely not, tis the day in advance of returning to the online world.




Vincent Van Gogh Art Exhibit

It is now the 8th, I am just now typing this,

to get it up on blog, so I can do 5 posts per day for 5 days and finish out this year for 365 ahead of time.

I can return with this blog done, and get next year’s weekly posts

already started so I can just blog during week;

keep up no noise peace without fully being deemed an odd human who does not use social media.


I pay for a website to use my voice on, why do I want to stay on sites where I have to fight to be heard and seen?

Sites that compare my worth as a creator to how my posts do as well as how often I post. 

As always I prolong returning to social media sites,

this year I was able to counter act my “maybe I don’t have to” with a 365 post challenge.

I can still tell you as it is now the 10th as I type this and prepare to hit “Publish”,

I am still thinking of ways to QUICKLY knock out the remaining 25 posts, and keep my interaction online low.

The burnout is real from this 365 Challenge and so is the hope of one day it will not be needed for small businesses to get air time without being a product.

Traveling Couples Photographer

Here are few helpful links for those in the same boat and feeling burnt out, attempting to keep up.

As you just read, I am big on journaling.

In doing so I have found that knowledge of self and self reflection

are wonderful tools to finding ways to recoup your energy needs.

Here is a link for easy self love questions to include in your journaling time.

Click here.

Now there will be days where journaling and spa days just do not cut it,

because if you need to feel active in trying to self soothe through tough times–

here is a link for easy ideas that include but not limited to spa days and journaling.

Click here.

Lastly sometimes you can not avoid burnout, it happens to the best of us.

Heck it can not even be tied to social media use,

it could stem from the state of the world,

or the state of your world.

To help with recovery of burnout, here is an link

to an instagram post to get you started on recovery.

Remember, yes social media takes a toll on mental health


Click here.



Till Next Nov, may you find a way to keep your world less noisy in the meantime.


Golden Gate background, side portfolio, female, cloudy day, traveling photographer


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in vivid stills + moving frames