Months in Review: April and March

Okay, so these last few months have flown by! A third into the year already! All that being said, due to skipping March’s review, it is now time for the last few months in the review blog. Time to whip out the planner and look back. Reread blogs posted and explain or add tidbits over them! As always these kinds of blogs will have favorite photos from each blog.


California Couples Photographer: set up your week for peace

Months in Review: March 6th, 2022

Move on to a Life, that best serves you

My favorite part of this blog was discussing clearing the table.


“What is clearing the table?

Wonderful question! Imagine you at the head of the table. Add all of your connections, around you. That is the table. As you grow and change, those connections will change. Adjusting to the ever-changing perception. Or removing themselves if they can not adjust. As well as you might yeet them from their seats when communicated needs, wants and expectations, only for deaf hears to ignore. Lastly, both the connection and you might mutually and (maturely) discuss parting ways from one another tables.

That is clearing the table.”


As someone who has been clearing my own table over the last few years.

The then chaffed side of me found this analogy calming and therapeutic.

So sometimes a friend’s perspective is all we need to see things differently.



On a personal note, I have learned from clearing the table here is a list of lessons learned!


  1. Be chary of ones whose emotional treatment comes with a “had you just behaved the way I wanted” when apologies come along.
  2. Be wary of the fluffers. As someone who loves to hype and be a cheerleader for friends and people. Sadly,  I do so knowing that too much can come across with a flag warning of caution. Fluffers who always say what they think you want to hear. While turning around to speak ill.
  3. Have caution of ones who make promises of themselves while vilifying anyone who comes with any accountability.
  4. Be wary of anyone who mistreats others and defends or justifies it by being “wiser than them”.
  5. Be circumspect of anything you would not tolerate from a partner or closest confidant.
  6. Don’t be placed in a “therapist”, or “Peace Provider”, continuously. You should be seen as a friend first and foremost and wanted for connection, not what you can be or provide. Just like in a romantic relationship, any connection should never be unbalanced for too long.
  7. Your time matters, your wants matter, as well as your needs. Any connections should be able to honor your boundaries and standards.



These have been lessons learned that came from attaching too quickly.

As well as ignoring flags from both eyes and instincts.

Yes, we all learn on our own journeys however, this is me sharing mine.

In hopes of preventing others hurt.

I’ll probably write a longer blog over this then.

In meantime, onto the next blog review!

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer blogs about moving on

Months in Review:

Artist with a Camera: The journey here.

Oh, this one made my heart happy to write it out. It is nice to say, “I have a link for that” instead of launching into this, each time I bring up my journey with a camera.

“How the wind dances amongst the leaves, causing them to shimmy accordingly.

When the water carves the ground, making room new growth.

How the fire illuminates the night, and creates area for new magnification; leaving the reminder, that after destruction, comes renewal.

As well as, nothing will stay in the dark, we all seek warmth and light

That is how nature displays love, if only we ever sit still long enough to witness the magical love affair. “


This is a quote, that I had Ben swooning over!

Told me how I could write a poem after poem on this topic.



However my favorite part of this blog?


Describing the color grading inspired by both Colorado Sunsets and Blue Hours, as well as baroque lighting and lomochrome film. As well as 60’s films for black and whites.

“Blue hour of Colorado always reminds me of how a couple chooses to hold on, through tough times. Those more intense blue hours slowly trickle in after a bold sunset. Allowing the sun to blow kisses goodbye to the moon. Each kiss left a rosy glow. A marking, left by the departing sun, signaling who has witnessed this great love affair with the moon. As the sun bids adieu to his lover, the moon. The movement of it all is awe-inspiring to any helpless romantics out there. As well as a reminder that love is everlasting through the tough and good times, for any realistic romantics.”


Overall, this blog was soul peace and felt nice to put everything out there.

Almost like manifesting, for a better future, with the use of true transparency.

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer

New Orleans, L.A.: The Big Cajun Town

Ah, so this is a blog meant to be typed since June 2018!

I bragged to many about being over the moon to get it done.

We do want to return and see how Nola has changed since then.

Also would not mind finding all the hidden gems we missed!



Favorite part about this blog?


So many people visit places without knowing how the location got here today!

Ignorance was frowned upon growing up.

So now I find solace in the understanding of why.

When one sees places to visit as just as a location but not a lesson to have a more open mind…

One displays a privileged mindset, of being able to merely travel as a tourist.

Without seeing the locals’ pain of everyday life.

In doing so, invalidating a society’s life just “for the gram”.


Anyhow, that B bit aside,

you can expect the history of whatever place I am visiting to be front and center.

On any and all future travel blogs of this beehive.

As well as tips to blend in as locals, and not lose anything more than time on a trip.

Education is the best precaution.

While understanding is the best protection of time and others as well as self.

Then readers can also expect more travel tips and advice.

Don’t worry I wouldn’t just leave history to be the only knowledge I share.


New Orleans at night.

Months in Review: How To Set Up Your Week For Peace

Okay so this blog, is a blog I have had many people message and not comment on.

Yet the messages are the same, “thank you for this”.

If you talk to me at all personally, you will know this blog came from Ben’s healing mentality.

We now operate more European-based with the use of time, than American.

This Colorado and Worldwide Photo + Video team does not get lost in keeping up with the noise of the world.

We make music and noise in our own corner and be content.

Instead of trying to go to Coachella we just throw our own block party.


Favorite Quote from this blog?


“Have fluidity, in your day to be able to adjust sails and make progress but also be able to rest with ease (without the worry of a storm brewing).”


I definitely want to return to this blog or do a follow-up.

Personally, I feel like it was lightweight and did not dive deep.

Yes, I explained our skeleton.

Yet past explaining our own personal take.

I do not feel like it was a deep dive.

Filled with examples that others could benefit from.

I understand we must first lead by example, however, I still want to not just plant seeds but water them.

Months in review: Telluride Photo +video elopement team

Months in Review is happening, because neither of us kept track of how quickly, March literally marched to its own beat.


Okay, let’s recap shall we?

Blog per week equates to 4-5 per month.

Each blog needs to be around 1500-2500+ words.

But those blogs need photos and videos, so sessions have to happen.

As well as those sessions need scouting for locations.

Then there is the editing of photos and videos.

Followed by sewing lessons and website work and studying coding.

Don’t forget food and friends.

Lastly fixing up the abode and dealing with car issues.

Not to mention making sure we make time for ourselves to unwind without guilt.


“Running a business is like making popcorn on the stove.

You have some kernels popping fast.

Others are burning.

Then some are not popping.

Then there is a mess of salt and butter.

Prior to even tasting the effort in a snack,

before doing it all again.”



Did we lose anyone?

Because we definitely feel like we are losing time.

As previously mentioned, this MONTHS in review is happening because neither Bee caught March ending.

We tend to try to make at least one blog easy to write per month, by making it a review.

These reviews also help remind us of what we have covered and if we forgot to include anything.

The months in review blog however leaves little room for banter, seeing how it is quite lengthy.

So in March, our lives looked a little chaotic…

Yet April came to hop by even more quickly.

We’ll get to that!

Olathe Colorado Sunflower Photographer, set up your week for peace

Months in Review: April’s How-To Travel Guide.

So this blog was a mix of flying and driving tips.

I definitely look forward to revisiting and expanding on these tips.

This blog was just a good starting point.

The most important advice from this blog is to map.

Literally, map weather, map where you are going, map timing of arriving at different locations.

Map everything.

That will help with bathroom breaks, outfit planning, and food places to try.


Think next travel advice blog, we’ll mock plan a trip and keep track of all our steps.

In this day and age, with so much knowledge out there, why not add to it.

Adding to knowledge to prevent and protect.


What is a travel hack that would help you?


Months in review: April Showers bring flowers, right? So the perfect time for alerting people that we love doing Colorado Sunflower Couple Photos.

Ah, during busy weeks it was discovered we had a ton of blogs from the old website that was never able to be transferred over to this new one. So during busy weeks, it was discussed it might be quicker to move a blog over, and then update it with better writing.

This came in clutch.

I might do many of these set up for June that is blocked out.

However, Ben has a few blogs he wants to write too.  So who knows!

It might be a combo!

This blog’s favorite part was reminding everyone we grow through tough times.

This blog seemed to attract the most comments this month!!!

Thanks to everyone who commented on it!

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer, Months in review

Ah our favorite blog for months in review: The Honeymoon is not a Phase.

Past being a brazen personal blog, putting our foot down from years of “just wait”.

My favorite part was my brain making a peppy girl boss faceoff against a military drill sergeant.


“Now toxic positivity movement would have a girl boss figure run in and say “GET BACK UP, DONT LET THEM SEE YOU SWEAT. COME ON PROVE THE HATERS WRONG, LETS GO GO GO GO!!!” Side note: girl boss mentality people really should go into the military because essentially they sound like peppy drill sergeants.”


All of that aside, this was another blog that felt nice to get out online.

To make a link for a b-bit.

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer and Videographer discuss the honeymoon phase

Months in review completed, and now time for personal updates.

We have busted our butts the last few months.

If not scouting and prepping for a visual session, then we are capturing the planned and prepped for the visual session.

If it is not that, then it is getting a house project knocked out while we have time to.

Every weekend has had running and going by Thursday night.

Next week starts May, and replace out the house projects with graduations…

Weekends have been booked for months now.

Next month we have 2 visual sessions,

2 graduations,

and a weekend of visiting different locations with a passing-through friend.

Add in editing, marketing, household chores, and prep for June…

Tetris + Yoga + Jenga = Our balancing act of life.

We’re enjoying the busyness knowing it will slow down (kind of) after June.

We have openings for Colorado-based Elopement + Couple Visual Sessions for:

July 29th-31th

August 5th-7th and 26th-28th

September 2nd-4th and 16th-18th

October 28th-30th

Winter Dates are dependent on Weather and location in Colorado.

Please inquire about November 2022 – February 2023 dates.

Just leave a snowflake emoji ❄️ in the comments, and we will contact you via email!



Wanting to meet up and do a destination Elopement or Couple Sessions?

We will be in New Mexico in October, drop a plane✈️ and we will contact you!


In meantime know that balancing life means, limited booking and limited time to edit.

Act like we are in Europe and it is normal to be more than just what you do for work.

Or how productive one can be.

Aloha Lovers,

Where is your lover’s tale taking us?

Till Next Buzz, honeybees!

Worldwide Elopement Visuals


Ben + Becca

(Follow us^^^)


Gotta go make art from love as an artist with a camera.

“Be gentle with


You’re doing the best

you can.”

Colorado Great Sand Dunes, Months in Review

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