May 2022 Blogs in Review

Okay so can we the bees, open this blog with… WHERE TF DID MAY GO? It feels like we were doing a recap for March and April! May 2022, where did you go? We remember that May 2020 felt like AGES. It was memorable, and history was made for the correct reasons. May 2022 has felt like a blink. You know the blink, where you hit the snooze button for five minutes. Then in reality you become 5 hours late? This is precisely what May 2022 feels like to us, at least. So let’s track down what was put up on the blog. As well as what we did in between covered topics. These busy bees have had a busy month, and have thourghly enjoyed how easy these blogs have been to push out.

So let’s get it!

“The best parts of my life

do not make it

to social media.”


Telluride Colorado Couple at San Sophia Overlook with a double exposure of Milkyway, May 2022 Review

May 2022: The first blog of the month, revisiting an old one from our old site.

Telluride Colorado Couple: A+M

Okay, the first week of May was a doozy! We had a friend coming. Then one of us had been hired to second shoot a wedding at the same time. We had to divide and conquer for prep, as well as execution. Cue one of us, asking “do we even have time for a blog this week?” No. The answer was no. So how does one keep a challenge, and build the habit of showing up every week to work on the website?

Looking back at something that needs fixing or updating. This blog originally was thrown together very messily and quickly on the old website. Then copied over to the new one. So it was overdue to be fixed. We did just that. Actually included more of their lover’s tale. Then added our own responses. As well as gave some interesting Telluride Colorado, history! Oh, and included some sweet romantic quotes.

Overall this blog was perfect to fit into an overly busy week. As well as left us feeling better about it being posted on our new website. Displaying the correct visuals that we want to be known for. Along with formatted words that represent them and us. We have thoroughly enjoyed these blog makeovers with intellectual updates.

May 2022 Review with Colorado-based Destination Couples + Elopement Photo and Video team

Mac Vs Windows Blog

This is a hot topic, Mac against Windows is a showdown that entices. Ben has weighed in on this top before. He found his 2017 rendition of this blog on the old site when we were working on Telluride Couple! Moving forward, he decided it was time to update this blog of his! He added more updated knowledge and perspectives. He enjoyed doing it so much, that he decided he wants to blog more often. Which I, Becca Bee, am stoked for. Due to how busy our lives have become, it would be nice to have another week focused on editing. Or prepping for sessions and future blogs. So keep an eye out, he’ll be taking over again sometime soon!

Want to skip to the good part? Ben is team apple, but understands the lure of Windows.

What would you like to hear from him? Do you want to hear about technology tips? Video how-tos? Or personal bee-bits from him?

In the meantime, this week that been took over the blog. There were multiple busy days. From sewing lessons to helping friends with house projects and meeting honeybees… whew. It was a perfect breather week from the blog yet again.

May 2022 Blog and Life Review:

Dominating Visual Art (Photos) of CO.

This blog, whew. So I Becca Bee, have shared this personal bee-bit of history with friends, honeybees, and fellow creatives. The reactions all showed me this would be a good blog to write. Even then it only felt like a surface-level due to having to tell the backstory to let the memorable conversation have its space.

Awestruck, Flabbergasted, and Gobsmacked, are small terms to describe me during the ending of that conversation.

-REAP, Dominating Visual Art Blog

These terms were used to describe others’ reactions. When I told them this tale. Then after the blog was posted. A friend read it. Then went “I can not unsee this now. This is a good perspective shift.” Mirroring the reactions of myself and others. This perspective shift made me realize the importance of the intimacy that is tied to photography. Being able to adjust my mindset to better serve others, has made me a better human being. As well as a photographer. It the importance of remembering the power each individual holds, one should never forget.

For those readers who are under age 18, and or closed-minded, do not read this.

This blog has a mind-changing perspective that carries from a not so work friendly topics or child friendly. So read with caution, and understanding. Not judgement. Photographers, let this blog be a helper in becoming more confident and comfortable in your craft. Other creatives and humans, let this blog find you in your journey and let it leave you better.

This week, had a graduation, party, prepping for two sessions and scouting locations at sunrise.

May 2022, may it be over soon.

This monthly review blog, could not have been more perfectly timed. We needed a simple blog to write this week. We have two visual art sessions with two different couples. Nearly 400 miles to cover, as well as sending out Lover’s Tale questions and getting the house back in order. Figuratively and physically speaking. These last few months, juggling and balancing all different lifestyles. Has left our physical house lower than our tidy standard. It also has left our docks full of editing, as well as physically tired.

June has been blocked out. One reason, recovery. Which means rest. So our social and work calendars are not going to be as active. We have burnt our candlesticks at both end TOO MUCH as of late. Fret not, weekly blogs will be delivered. As well as daily posting, why not use all the love created content? However we have slowed booking and session plannings for the rest of the year. There is much more busy times awaiting us and we definitely are not getting any younger. So scheduling out busy to be more balancing.

Balance is not fitting

everything in.

It’s starting with what’s important and

letting everything

else fall as it will.

Erica Layne

In the meantime, make blog writing easy on us.

Tell us what you really really really want to read about.

Ouray Colorado-Based Couple and + Elopement Photography and Videography team take on their May 2022 review for the month!

Aloha Lovers,

Where is your lover’s tale taking us?

Till Next Buzz, Bees!

Worldwide Elopement Visuals


Ben + Becca

(Follow us^^^)

Till next month!

Gotta go update a Lover’s Tale with a chapter

that is all about how an adventure turns love into art.

Ouray Colorado-Based Couple and + Elopement Photography and Videography team take on their May 2022 review for the month!

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Sometimes the best thing

you can do is

not think, not wonder

nor imagine

not obsess. Just

breathe and have

faith that everything

will work out

for the best.


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