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 Hey there! It’s me, Ben or Mister B! Just your local I.T. support! Speaking of…Woah, have you ever had a moment you were shocked to see how much time has gone by? Well, I realized it’s has been 5 years since I read the Mac vs Windows blog. I decided that the Mac vs Windows blog needed to be revisited. I started this blog with the intention of completing one more frequently. The 2017 version is not 100% out of date but this blog is missing some detail. I figured we can get a refresher of 2017, a brief reminder of what was going on 5 years ago. Then, we can get a quick update on where we are in 2022 for comparison!

A reminder of where Mac vs Windows was at in 2017:

2017 was an amazing year for computers, and for good reasons as well as bad. Let’s start with the good, AMD is a processor computer company. Intel is one as well and they have been getting pushed out of the limelight since 2017. They are both in the same business but AMD had been underdogs for roughly since 2007. In 2017 they released an architecture design for their processors that through their revival Intel for a loop. Now AMD has some of the most powerful processors in the world. This will foreshadow what Apple did to try and pull in front of both Intel as well as AMD.

Now for the bad, Ransomware started to take off in May 2017. This encrypted more than 230,000 computers in more than 150 countries. They would demand anywhere from $300-1500 in bitcoin to possibly recover your data. This took a major toll on a lot of companies, hospitals, governments, and organizations. By way of time and resources, with some even shutting down.

Check out the Computer Hopes website to gain more insight into what was happening in 2017 computer-wise. But with security breaches growing year over year some companies are trying to take it into their own hands.

The reason I took you back in time was to bring forth some details that are more relevant now. So without further delay, let’s talk about the current state of things.

Windows vs Mac

The Present state:

As of 2022, there have been some epic changes. Apple released their own processor (Like AMD or the company they used to make Apple’s, Intel). Switching how they coded their software, and designed computers more geared toward the creative genre of jobs. 

Microsoft Windows updated to another OS version taking some cues from Apple as far as software design goes. They have also expanded their reach when it comes to gaming, with support for almost every device. These services are run on some of the largest data centers and make them a leader in the business world.

How does this have anything to do with my Mac Vs Windows theme of the past 2017? Changing 50 percent of Apple as a company shows that they are willing to grow. Each company resumes to grow/expand its own direction and chooses a path that is best suited to its own strengths.

Let’s roll back the clock and expand upon the blog I wrote so long ago.

Let’s Roll back the clock and

expand upon the Mac vs Windows blog I wrote so long ago.

Windows Vs Mac

Tuesday Tech Tip 11/21/17:

Mac VS Windows

(for editing media)

It has been my personal experience that unless you have the money to spend on the computer your needs require your experience will be very frustrating either way whether Windows or Mac. 

Oh Ben, first off I want to apologize for the beginner writer in me. That right original blog snippet was interesting to read. So to expand on it then, I had essentially meant that you will have to save money. In order to get a computer that suits your needs, especially in today’s part shortages, inflation, and pay rates. It is even more imperative that you get it right the first time. I have had some clients wait months after their order.

When someone comes to me with a desire to purchase a new computer? I will always ask first, What are you planning on using it for? From there I can help determine the computer that will work best for their needs and dreams.

Mac vs Windows – Why Windows Still has a foothold

Windows vs Mac

The reason is that if you buy Windows for a cheaper price, but with the same hardware as a Mac, it won’t cut it. This is because Windows has so many devices/hardware to support. With so many devices every manufacturer has to create what’s called a “driver” this makes it so windows can communicate with the hardware they created.

That then increases the chance that your computer will have problems.  You can buy the same exact computer hardware as Apple’s devices and have more issues because of  Microsoft’s operating software. For example, I have a Dell XPS 15 9550 its problem, is not hardware; ( 1TB SSD, i5, and 32GB of ram ).  The problem is with the Windows computer hardware drivers. OEm\ Dell was created to work with their hardware and Windows. It causes issues with the internet connection. Also disrupts the USB ports, which are used for flash drives, from working.

This tip still stands today and is even more true than it was back then, let me tell you why. Apple has designed almost everything that they put into their computers so now they know it from top to bottom. This gives them every reason to have a far superior computer at the end of the day. So why isn’t Apple the top leading computer brand across the world? On StatsCounter.com I looked at each operating system share by how many devices are out there. The largest share is Android as it has the a share at 42.67%. Only followed by you guessed right Windows with 29.56%. That’s crazy because MacOS comes after Apple’s own iOS used by their phones at a minority of 6.07%.

So why is that?

Why did I stress in the original blog that Apple’s computers are superior when compared to Microsofts Windows OS? What makes Windows so enticing to users?

Mac vs windows

On the other hand, Apple only has their hardware to worry about and they can make it run super smooth without a lot of issues, as I’ve seen so far using a mac, and if they do can get updates out quicker because of their hardware.

When it comes to Photography editing I have used both. I have seen both works, differently for specific use cases. I’m mainly just saying that Windows needs to figure it out. A way of preparing their software for all OEM computer manufacturers would smooth out the problems that pop up.

You would be hard-pressed to ever get a Windows computer that is cheaper than a Mac that performs as well.

The issue in the original blog is still the case. It stands to reason that Microsoft hasn’t changed how they handle their software issues. Meanwhile Apple has only become even more in control of their hardware, since I wrote this blog, to begin with. They or a third party manufacture everything that goes into their computers give or take a couple of components. 

So I will revisit the 5-year-old questions I asked before:

Why hasn’t Apple gained a foothold?

It’s because they are designing their computers for a very specific niche market. Creative professionals, and consumers. But because Apple is niche Windows has dominated. This wide range of markets includes business, consumers, gamers, DIY computer builders, and even the professional market as well. Apple does have several ways of locking in the market shares they have currently. They do so with convenience, designed power, and a sense of premium that Windows simply hasn’t figured out yet. To better explain, Apples conveniences are as follows; texting from your Mac if you have an iPhone, easily transferring files via AirDrop, an App Store that works across all of their devices, and free updates across all devices as well.

Aside from that, they have geared the hardware that they have designed specifically toward their niche. It’s launching Apple’s newer Macs as a must-have so creators can get work done faster than ever before.

Windows vs Mac

Why did I make say Apple is the winner?

The software side is still totally true. The integration and control that they have over their market is so close to ironclad. When issues arise they can push an update in a matter of days. Whereas windows still heavily rely upon the computer manufacturers and the application developers to develop fixes. This fact allows Apple to have a smoother experience more times than not.

Why is Windows so enticing to users?

Well for some people windows has been the only thing they have ever known by way of the operating system. It’s familiar and like I said because a lot of businesses use windows. Due to Mac really doesn’t have a good way to work with windows business platforms. It locks businesses into using 1 specific platform as other companies don’t work well across ecosystems.

Mac Support in Telluride Colorado

When it comes to Mac vs Windows, which has better cyber security?

Neither is foolproof but I really do believe Apple has an upper hand in this scenario. Mainly because of the new hardware they developed, but there are so many threats out there. No one is truly safe unless you disconnect from the internet completely. Be vigilant, read how you can prevent yourself from falling for an attack. Then if you are uncertain about the contact. Reach out to the company/vendor directly if you have any doubts.

After Five Years Mac vs Windows has changed, let’s make this ending a little more precise.

Windows vs Mac

Now, everyone is different and everyone has different experiences which affect their opinions.

If you have had a different experience and or questions please fill out the form below, we would love to learn outside of our circle of experiences.

Till next time!

First I’m going to correct the statement above. If you have questions you can totally message us on Instagram coelopementvisuals. Or you can add your question to the comment section below. 

Yes, I was correct last time I made this blog but now I will add some important details. So which is it, Mac or Windows you ask? Apple has a bright future if it can expand into the business workforce. It will be harder for any of the other companies to touch them i.e Windows. For creatives, I’m sold on utilizing the best Mac that fits you. But do your research and make certain you are accounting for the future! If money isn’t a problem get a fantastic Windows machine that can handle the workloads. Then only the OEM Manufacturer will be able to fix software flaws between windows and the hardware.

What do you think? Drop a mention before and let me know!

Mac vs Windows

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