June 2022 the start of summer, review.

Okay, so this month had a lot of Mr. Bee blogs and prep work. June 2022 had this due from June 10th -June 30th being blocked out. So We had 9 days to get 30 days’ worth of work done. As we tout balance is key, this definitely threw a wrench into that. Exhausted was an understatement for the energy levels of June. Anyhow, let’s get into it.

June 2022 : Ouray Colorado-Based Couple and + Elopement Photography and Videography team take on their May 2022 review for the month!

Joy comes to us

in ordinary moments.

We risk missing out

when we get too busy

chasing down

the extraordinary.

brene brown

June 2022 : St George Couple Photos

We have sat on this blog since 2020. We had all the pieces but due to rebranding and moving to a new website we just never had the time to post it. During this busy month, we needed an easy blog to keep this challenge alive. A blog per week. We still need to write our St. George Travel review blow, well transfer it to the blog. It has been written for years now… but like this Lover’s Tale, it fell off the wagon.

Our favorite part of this blog was hearing C+S describe the love story they built. Along with the love it gives back to both of them.

What is something that you admire about your partner after all the years together?

June 2022 Review, St George Couple Photos in Snow Canyon.


And just like that,

the greatest


was written,

in one word.


June 2022 : Colorado Hike, Ice Lakes Basin of 2017

Another blog moved over from the old website to the new, and the start of Mr. Bee’s Blog take over. Ah June 2022 the month that Ben had to blog more than usual!

As Pooh would say, “Oh bother!” this was one of the first blogs I ever wrote. And whew. This was humbling to read and update. Being a 750-word blog it definitely wasn’t very in-depth. However, this revision definitely was an upgrade from what it was. What I enjoyed most about this revision was getting together all of the hiking tips and what you should have in your bag. Now we only had a few of those items actually in the blog, that being said I practically made another blog on just 10 items to go into your bag as well as tips for hiking. Keep your eyes out for a new hiking blog with more of these tips and items.

What I have to say about Ice lakes is that it isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s a long hike clocking in at 8 miles out and back. With a 2,877 ft elevation gain, you better be ready for breaks. I have hiked a few 14ners and I felt this competitive to one of those hikes. It would definitely make for an excellent 14ner prep hike.

In the blog, I mentioned doing research. This is not solely advice for Ice Lake Basin, this should apply to all adventures you decide to partake in! Hiking can be sketchy, knowing what you are getting yourself into FINISH SENTENCE. I have made a couple of mistakes before by not thoroughly researching. It’s not a fun time! So please heed my warning and look into it and prepare for the worse. 

June 2022 reviews Ice Lakes Basin blog.

Hike more.

Worry less.


June 2022 made space for Mr. Bee to tell his Storyteller tale…

Author of Film

So I’m a storyteller, with the Art of moving frames. Since I had a hard goof getting into this field and Becca can attest to that, I appreciate my growth. Meanwhile, the journey is as good as the steps along the way, right? Well now, in my Author of Film blog, I detail my journey and where it’s led me today. 

Personally, I never saw myself as a creative mind, one for the arts. Seeing how growing up the most I had been creative is drawing and I guess making my own lego star wars ships. Now if you were to tell my younger self that I would be an Author of Film by June 2022 I wouldn’t have believed you.

In fact, it took another side of me to become who I am today.

After growing more confident with every button press of my Nikon D750. I then expanded my knowledge into my own creative perspective. 

Enough of the fluff, I had become solely logical and I can honestly in some ways it walled me off. It’s so easy to fall into your roles in work and I went into some detail on this but wanted to touch on it at a more personal level. Like Ferris Bueller said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” this is what I should have taken advice on! Learning how to be creative, made me learn how to be free from rigidity.

Telluride Colorado Videographer, how to travel

“To know that you do not know is best. To think you know when you do not is a disease. Recognizing this disease as a disease is to be free of it.”

– Lao Tzu

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer

June 2022 itself has been crazy.

Let us start… adjusting to one bee getting a taste of the other bee’s previous life, was NOT EASY. We’re big on balance so when our balance gets completely throttled… where no amount of fluidity will create peace… we tend to lose our mind up in here (up in here)! As a result, this blog feels like the ending to this crazy month. Henceforth let it be known, next time we complain about having too much time on our hands… send us this link. Next time, we need to be thankful for the time off. Consequently, Mrs. Bee is already excited to have her annual No Noise Novemember. As well as Mr. Bee is ready for the December break from all the chaos for his regular scheduled, mild, holiday chaos. After all that means snow days and Harry Potter weather with snuggly bees!

As much as we wish this review was filled with more, we’re two bees buzzed out by the world, and our lives.

So without further ado…

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer

Aloha Lovers,

Where is your lover’s tale taking us?

Till Next Buzz, honeybees!

Worldwide Elopement Visuals


Ben + Becca


Gotta go make art from love

as a duo of an artist with a camera and an author with film.

Ouray Colorado-Based Couple and + Elopement Photography and Videography team take on their May 2022 review for the month!

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