January in Review.

The last week of January has passed and it is time for the last blog of the month. All of these self-introspective themes were 100% accidentally blended, and it is time to review them. After four blogs, I still do not know why I decided to do a blog per week, but I was told by end of the year I should know (I’ll expand on this later).

In this blog, I’ll do a quick round-up of a recap of each blog and add commentary over them, hopefully commenting in a blog will set the standard of sharing thoughts from yourselves after reading a blog.


Judgment, regret, fear, and patience, which topic was your favorite?


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So let’s review: don’t judge.

This topic honestly flowed easily into a blog. Thoughts were messily typed to get it done on time. Even if points were sloppily written, this topic easily bled and led into the following topics: fear and regret.

I wanted this blog to hit home the point, that judgment is not a bad thing. It is meant to teach each of us what we will or will not tolerate; do, or do not want; all leading to better judgment in boundaries and standards, not more fear and regret.

Overall reflecting back on the judgment blog, whereupon when I first wrote it, it felt out of place. Now it feels as if it was the perfect way to open the year of blogging. Due to how it easily segued to following topics.

The only thing I would change about that blog is making it more cohesive and clean to read. Past that, I can see why so many enjoyed it and pinged my phone with “this was a needed.”


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Next to Review: Recycling Regret into Resolutions.


This blog title probably was my favorite play with words.

This flowed so easily off the top of my fingertips that it made the blog feel stiff.

It wasn’t by any means. However, I did omit one line out of fear of being too sassy.


“I know going green is the new black right now,

but this is not the type of recycling we as a society need to become obsessive over.”


This blog yielded a refreshing tidbit of information. January 19th is the quit day for resolutions, or in my perspective a reset day for better fitting resolutions not made from the harsh judgment of self. So instead of using regret, we use understanding.


Another part of this blog that I enjoyed was the quote, “past is a place of reference not a place of residence.”


Overall this blog was super refreshing and freeing to write.

The point of it was to stress not becoming lost in the could have’s and do over’s.


Work with self not against.

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Now: Fear, what’s the point?

Ah, the Elsa quoting blog. My phone had a few text messages of “you did not just sassily quote Elsa and have it make sense.”

You all can blame Ben for finding a screamo cover of “Let it go”. Making the song stuck in my head.

Yeah I know, I just passed the earworm around.

The irony of that song choice paired with this blog was that in the end; the blog discussed how we need to let go of the fear that is not teaching us but rather trapping us. The blog also covered the fact that faking it to make it, does not work. Facing your fears till you make it, is actually better than having false courage.

Elsa, the Ice Queen turned out to be the perfect reference.

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Last up to review: Patience, do we know her?

When this topic was suggested, I did not think it would tie in with the other three blog topics.

Yet it actually was the solution to all of the other topics. Even if the lead-up to this topic of a challenge was comical.


It started with me complaining about my instinct and mind clashing: instinct saying write a blog per week – no fluff; my mind wanting to understand why and what exactly will be blogged about. The listening ear of a friend goes, “Patience, you should write about that as well as remember that you’ll know when you are done writing all the blogs. Patience, you’ll learn your why later just do it now.” This friend has shared blogs per week and given helpful feedback as well!


I have written about Patience and slowing the pressure we put on ourselves so we can enjoy our lives more.

I still do not have a reason as to why blogging is pulling on my instinct like a siren would a sailor.

Especially if I am not writing blogs like Andie the How to girl, that is what “is the appropriate blogs for website traffic.”


The favorite quote in this blog was from Judge Judy, it is never too late to make it.

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Enough with looking back, let’s look forward.


These topics actually blended quite well together.

Then when figuring out next month’s topics for the growing blog, these topics segued quite nicely for a continuous flow.

Judgment, Regret, Fear, and Patience which topic left a lasting impression on a perspective?

Patience solves each “teacher’s” issues.

All of these topics were introspective based, yet effortlessly lead into next week’s blog theme:

Cultivating a better relationship with self.

Hint, these topics have already paved a path.

Are you ready for the next month of blogs from self to relationships with others and holidays?

How did you enjoy this review of a recap from a month of blogs?


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