How To Travel Guide #1

Be it an hour adventure or driving across states or even the country, traveling has us needing to prepare more than just a bopping playlist and coffee. When out on open backroads, away from crowds, and in nature’s beauty. Or strapped into a flying machine in the sky, feeling weightless through the clouds. Traveling leaves a reminder of just how small we are in this vast world. As well as how short our time here is. However, this is a blog for those who struggle to enjoy traveling times. If traveling always seems to leave you fleeing home with glee. Then this How To Travel Guide (#1), is for you.


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How to travel in peace: “music makes us keep control”.

As a CO+ Worldwide Couples and  Elopements Photo and Video team, we understand the fleeing home with glee. From Airbnbs with broken beds to poor food choices and much more, we can understand why some find traveling a bane to their existence. Long lines at security, layover nightmares, and rerouted flights, can lead to traveling being a bane. So before any wanderlust addicts start screaming, “Who hates travel?! Crazy people do!” Let’s all collectively breathe. Before remembering our own travel horror stories. 

For those flying nightmares listed, many flock to the classic travel, road-tripping. That vintage feeling, of rolling down the windows on forgotten roads and blasting your favorite Taylor Swift songs. Or really any other artist, just blast away and have your own car concert. Just remember to pause, or at least turn it down, for when anything wondrous catches your curious eye. Whether you are flying or driving, music is a way to help make travel better.

Looking for a good diverse road trip playlist, to just click shuffle on look no farther. Our own lead photographer, Becca Bee, has the perfect one. Has a little bit of everything and is meant to be played on shuffle. So play that funky music… LOUD, in your own car. Car Concert Playlist is meant to be loud, quiet, and fitting as the road goes to your destination.

Traveling Couples + Elopements Photographers, how to travel

As Colorado + Worldwide  Photographer and Cinematographer, our priorities after getting traveling dates are the following.

  • weather

(so we know what to pack) 

  • scenic views where we are headed

(so we can best plan the adventure sessions for your Lover’s Tale updates) 

  • weather conditions to expect

(so we know what kind of rental we need as well as what locations are accessible)

  • food places

(local is best so we know what to try)

  • stops along the way

(why not grab all the scenic views?)

  • gas stations and restrooms

(so we empty the right tanks, and never fuel if you know what we mean)


So now that you understand how the brain works, let’s get to it!


Traveling Redwoods Couples + Elopements Photographer, how to travel

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas


How To Travel, Redwoods Elopement Photographer

So How to Keep Traveling in Peace: Plan for Weather.

Seriously, this one seems like a no-brainer, but there are times when we assume the weather, based on the destination.

So here is where Becca and her addiction to Pinterest come in handy.

Well, usable in being a storage bank of knowledge of how to pack layers and still be “Fashionable”.

If you do not already follow the one who styles our Bees of clients, here is her profile!

Look up destination, look up weather or at least typical weather to expect, and as Becca has been taught-

always pack or wear at least a thin outer layer, to act as a windbreak or catch light rain.

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer

Weather means you know where your destination is. Good. Now, Plan Out Your Route. Layovers, hotel stays, trains or buses, what do you need to book?


Land or air, each travel choice has its own set of knowledge needed.




Do you have a connecting flight?

Then how long is your layover?

Is there a hotel in the airport, or do you need to be ready to re-enter security?

How long are your flights? Where are your gates?

Are there bathrooms close to them?

Food? Coffee?

Do you have the right chargers?

Is your tech charged?

Does someone know your estimated time of arrival?


Ouray Elopement Photographer + Videographer, how to travel, storm trooper helmet and san juan brews coffee



Make sure you know where the following are:

First food: food,

Second: coffee/smoothie shops

 Then food.

 Afterward: gas stations.

Lastly, food again.

Oh, did we mention the food?!


So you will never be without a quick place to stretch your legs and soul,

to take in a location you have never been to like the pioneers of old.

As well as never being hungry for too long if snacks are eaten too soon!

(Or just overpack snacks!!!!)

Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco CAli Couples Photographer

Thirdly in How to Travel in peace: Bathrooms.

If you are road tripping, we suggest calling ahead and seeing where places are offering bathrooms. You don’t want to end up with a squirming passenger contemplating using a foreign container as a makeshift bathroom.

Or worse, no place to dispose of it.

Or even worse… no bathroom for 3 to 4 hours and no packed toilet paper.

So look up bathrooms, grab locations and addresses and make a list of stops.

Then make sure you take full advantage and don’t forget to wear a mask and bring extra hand sanitizer!

(Also it doesn’t hurt to pack a roll or two in case of emergencies…)

California Couples Photographer

If you are flying, GET TO YOUR AIRPORT EARLY.

We know it is comical to show up TWO hours early, however, we would rather be laughing, than frustrated.

Yay, security did not take long. Great, let’s get to the gate. Then find a bathroom. Lastly scout for coffee shops, and food.

This also allows us to look at maps of where we are landing at our layover, and see if we can have time for a bathroom break or not.

As well as making sure if there are any delay announcements for change of flights, we are there ready to book it to the next gate if need be.

Gotta get that cardio in, ya know!

Traveling Couples + Elopements Photographer and Videographer team, salt lake city, utah

Fourthly: Have Water and Tools in the Vehicle You Are Taking.



You never know what kind of predicament you can end up in down the road. From sliding on snow, to tire blowouts, and weird car noises… being prepared for your trusted steed to have some issues, is better than losing adventure time waiting for a kind soul in the middle of nowhere to pop up. Also if you are renting a trusty steed, make sure to ask questions similar to the following:

“What happens if I get a flat?”

“Experience any car problems?”

“What if someone hits us? What do I do?”

Your emergency kit, regardless if you are renting or driving your own trusty stead, should have tools, as well as numbers to call, in case of any horrid events transpire.

As well as, before heading out, you need to give whatever trusty stead you are taking a good look over.


Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer


Now if you are flying, you can’t pack a mechanic shop in your trunk!

We get it, however, when renting a vehicle there are things you can do before driving off.

Do a full check on tires, fluids, and any damage done to the car. Take photos, so it is time-stamped.



Also, ask the cashier for the number to call if you get any problems on the way.

When you are renting, it is on them to provide a ride that is ready for safe travels.

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer


Lastly:  Download Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks, and Tv Shows/Movies.

Wrapping this up, where we started, downloading before you go.

Either road trips or flights have dead spots where you will lose modern privilege,

not to mention downloaded songs will save on data and streaming, so battery saver.

 So if you love TS or NPR, download it prior to driving, anddddddd don’t ever fret about hearing the dreaded

“I’ve got 99 bottles of beers on the wall”.

When you have plenty of people joining, make a group playlist,

and have everyone add songs randomly over the course of getting read to adventure.

IF you are not in the mood to make a playlist, use ours, here ya go!

How to Travel in Peace: Mapping, helps you know what to plan.

We are getting to the destination of this blog, the ending.

The final how to ties together all of it.

We map, ALOT.

This makes us also make our carryon of clothes multifunctional.

30 days in a Carry On Challenge, we have done.

Think the new term for it is “Capsule Wardrobe”.


Mapping locations we want to visit and capture, along with weather, makes our outfits make sense and traveling a breeze.

We can’t help if the pilots need a different plane which makes our layover six hours longer.

We just come prepared.

Netflix binge, reading binge, and podcast binges.


No sweats made.

California Couples Photographer

Road Conditions for our road trips, typically have us taking forgotten roads.

And yes, screamo covers of Tswift, as well as the OG queen herself, are blasting with the windows down.

 Lovers take the time to make a playlist with all the songs that you dance with one another,

songs that make you think about one another, and songs that were in different chapters of your Lover’s Tale.

Again no sweats made.

Just peacefulness.

And peaceful trips for us, equal some pretty stellar photography artwork, paired with making memories!

Telluride Colorado Videographer, how to travel


Hope this helps your future planning, and let us know what other questions we can answer!

 Till next buzz honeybees! 


Aloha Lovers,

Tell us Your Tale, here!

Where is your love taking us, next?

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Ben + Becca

Oregon Couples and Landscape Photographer

Before you leave, drop a comment if these tips helped! 

Drop your favorite adjective, if you enjoyed the blog! 


  1. Dakotah says:

    Playlist are definitely necessary for traveling and all the other tips are so helpful!!!

  2. Kat says:

    The tips ‘n’ tricks are helpful for any traveler, and despite being a seasoned one, somehow always forget many of these.

    • BenandBecca Pettis says:

      Hey, like a cast iron pan: We might all be well seasoned, but sometimes a little extra oil and salt can help maintain the seasoning!

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