Fall Engagement CO: Lover’s Tale, K+E

Oh how 2020 was chaotically slow yet busy with the change that took place that year. We the bees captured, these two lovers in PRIME Colorado Fall Foliage. And as the golden aspens danced in the wind, they brought the silver in the form of an engagement ring. Fall Engagement CO photos NEVER disappoint! You’ll see that in the pictures, however as always you gotta know where we are at—the history of the land. Lastly and most importantly, YOU GOTTA GET TO KNOW THE COUPLE OF HONEYBEES WHO JOINED THE BEEHIVE… back in 2020.

2020 was the year we went from our old Adobe portfolio website to Show It. We have taken the last few years to keep quiet as we rebuilt a website that not only brought functionality but joy. The blogs are still signed off with “aloha lovers where is your love taking us next?” but man is the GLOW UP REAL. Not to mention having so many to publish finally. That has laid around waiting, during this transition phase!

So without further ado, let’s get buzzing to making honey… art from these lovers!

“Darling, you

are all I ever

wanted love

to be. “


Fall Engagement CO Photography and Videography

with Worldwide Elopement Visuals

Meet K+E

Ben met K through work, and after a few run-ins, the plan was hatched! Time to make art from love, and enjoy company outside of work. Add in the majestic Colorado golden aspens of the fall, this was sure to be a good time! So outfits were planned, following up to the location and cute puppy trekked into the wild. Letting love paint a masterpiece of art.

So enough about the day, let’s get to their extraordinary love.

Telluride Fall Engagement CO

Montrose Couple Photography and Videography duo take on Fall Engagement CO

K+E Interview over their Fall Engagement CO Visual Art Session

Now time for Question 1:

B+B of WEV: Keep it short, who Loves doing the dishes? Who loves laundry duty? Most importantly who is on snow scraping duty?

K+E: Neither of us loves to do dishes, but we usually will take turns doing the dishes. We don’t mind doing laundry, but Eric hates hanging shirts up. So Kailey will hang his shirts in exchange for Eric doing my bike maintenance. Eric does the snow duty with the four-wheeler.

B+B: Oh there is some nice and calm balance going on in this relationship!

Ouray Colorado-Based Couple and + Elopement Photography and Videography team take on their May 2022 review for the month!

Next, Question 2:

B+B: How long have you guys been together?

K+E: We have been friends since 2014, became boyfriend and girlfriend in 2016, got engaged in 2020, and will be married in 2021.

B+B: This lover’s tale has some history and is on its way, to forming one heck of a happily ever after.

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer

Now for Question 3:

B+B: How did you guys meet?  How did the stars align to make you meet?

K+E: We met from a mutual friend riding. Kailey showed up to a trials event with a flat tire and Eric helped fix it. Then it didn’t kick in until Kailey got hurt at an Endurocross event and Eric helped Kailey get back to who she was.

B+B: That is definitely a unique lover’s tale start!

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer and Videographer (

Next up is Question 4:

B+B: What was the first date? Favorite moment from it? Did you kiss?

K+E: First date was September of 2016, but it was HORRIBLE. We didn’t kiss, Kailey pretty much ran away at the end.

B+B: This just goes to show, that sometimes a rocky start, is just a way of fate testing the waters. Before it waters seeds that grow into a beautiful love.

Fall Engagement CO of Montrose Photo and Video team

Final Question 5 of this segment:

B+B: When did you know you were in love? When did you want to say “I love you”?

K+E: Kailey knew she loved Eric on the way to Boise, Idaho for one of his races. Kailey was sleeping on Eric’s lap and woke up to him rubbing her cheek and peering up to see his face. She knew.

B+B: When you catch a vibe, you just know. Fate just lets you find your own messages to solidify your feelings.

Ouray Colorado-Based Couple and + Elopement Photography and Videography team take on their May 2022 review for the month!

You give me the

kind of

feelings people

write novels



Fall Engagement CO Photography and Videography

With Lover’s K+E Fall Engagement Visuals and their answers for others.

First question up to bat:

B+B: What is the advice you would give to a couple struggling in their chapters of tribulations?

K+E: Communicate. If you can successfully communicate with your significant other there isn’t anything you can’t solve. Consequently, it may be hard, but that is how it will work out.

B+B: In addition to communicating, comprehending communication is also important. If not, then you are just talking to a brick wall. So communicate but then be able to hear and comprehend and understand the perspective! Furthermore, it can get dicey, if you are unable to check ego at the door.

Fall Engagement CO

A second question for these Lovers:

B+B: What are the 5 best qualities of your partner? And Why?

K: Eric | His heart is bigger than he is, he has mad skills on a dirt bike, he always strives to further his education and skill sets, he pushes me to be better in all ways possible, and he knows how to make me smile with a simple hug or kiss on the cheek.

B+B: We love a romantic partner who is sweet and understanding!

Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer

The third question for these honeybees of love:

B+B: So what are your top 3 relationships “rules”? Why?


  • Always fold the chip bags correctly – to keep them from getting stale
  • Maintain the dishes – keeps us both sane and happy
  • We are a team
Telluride Colorado Adventure Photographer

The fourth question for these two lovers:

B+B: Traveling Advice for fellow Lovers? Or Life advice?

K+E: It is no longer just the words, me, I, myself… It is now we and us.

B+B: Because of this potent statement, we want you, our readers, to sit with that with us. To play off our previous statement that there is no room for ego in your relationship. That is something we wholeheartedly believe in. Yes to be in a healthy relationship, there needs to be interdependence. However, that is not read as solely independent or dependent. It means you find a flow that balances both. That creates life from both because it does not revolve around a single ego. Rather instead, makes two hearts beat together.

Telluride Colorado Videographer, how to travel

Fall Engagement CO with lovers K+E


B+B: Give us some sweet sweet honey!! What was your favorite part?

K+E: Ben and Becca are just fun people to have in your life. Their happy vibrance is radiant and will make you smile no matter what.

“Life isn’t waiting for the storm to pass, it is learning to ride in rain.”

Aloha Lovers,

Where is your lover’s tale taking us?

Till Next Buzz, honeybees!

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Ben + Becca


Now gotta go make art from love

as a duo of an artist with a camera and an author with film.

Colorado Adventure Elopement Photo and Video team based out of Montrose, near Telluride and Ouray.
  1. What a beautiful couple! I love that you recreated a photo of she knew she loved him when laying on his lap. So sweet!

  2. LaRee says:

    What a cute couple! I enjoyed reading about their story. Great work!

  3. LeoLeoLeo says:

    It’s awesome to read more to connect to the images you’ve captured. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rita says:

    Your style is truly recognizable and it’s so awesome! congrats to the beautiful couple!

  5. Hayley says:

    These are so unique and I love how you shared so much of their story and different perspectives. Beautiful work!

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