5 Things To Do To Keep Love Powerful

Hi there honeybees! We know as a society we place so many high expectations on a “perfect” wedding. However, we set these happily ever after expectations once we are married. Yet spend years complaining about things in said relationship, as we settle into comfort. We allow the magic of the wedding day to get mundane and “only one day”. So here are 5 Things To Do To Keep Love Powerful. As a way to correct this ironic “normal”, where happily ever after is expected. Yet comfort kills that magic, to give the “gift” of complaining. Zapping daily joy, as well joy to be with your person. Watering seeds of resentment and bitterness. So here are 5 things to do to keep love powerful, to counteract that “norm”.

5 things to do to keep love powerful with Worldwide Elopement Visuals based out of Montrose Colorado

“and four years later you’re dancing

around your kitchen with a pint of milk

in you hand.

The windows are wide open, the neighbors

are still awake, and they are watching you.

They are watching you fall in love with

being alive.


5 Things To Do To Keep Love Powerful with Worldwide Elopement Visuals

Number 1: Life is not easy. Nor is it your partner’s job to make it easy for you.

Okay, so we have heard for the longest time “Life isn’t fair.” As well as your partner “should not add chaos to your life, but subtract.” And this is when we are going to slam on the brakes like we are brake-checking a jerk. Life will always have chaos, and chaos is rarely (if ever) “easy”. Your partner is not meant to be your Mary Poppins. Popping into your life with a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious skill set ready and meant to manage your chaos. That does not mean they should not care about your chaos, just simply it is not their 100% responsibility to make it easy for you. It is however your job to discuss stressors, and emote what is troubling you. AS WELL AS, what would you plan on doing about it, AND letting your partner know where they can be the most helpful.

Say it with us: it is an unhealthy expectation to place on your partner to sort out your life problems. Life is not easy, nor will it ever get easier. So it is on each partner to discuss their: emotions and stress levels and problems. Not expect one another to make things easier.

So how to keep a realistic and powerful love?

Plan as a team how to tackle mutual problems, as well as how to support during individual-based problems. This starts with knowing the skillset you each bring to the table; strengths and weaknesses. Essentially if this were a DND campaign, build your character. Wisely.

Allowing one another to support instead of fix allows for development as individuals, which then allows for growth. This means you get to fall in love with how your partner changes over the years as their life story unfolds. As well as partake in it!

Now that, that bandaid is ripped off…

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Watch Carefully

the magic that occurs

when you give a person

enough comfort

to just be themselves.


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5 Things To Do To Keep Love Powerful with Worldwide Elopement Visuals

Number 2: Happily Ever After is not a permanent thing, without work.

We have all heard the tale as old as time, “and they lived happily ever after.” Just gonna slide into this paragraph with a LOUD, ERRRR WRONG. Not saying happily ever after does not exist, just simply saying it does not exist passively or automatically. To return to #1, life is not easy, ergo happily ever after does not merely “just happen by sheer dumb luck.” However much like a house, you must upkeep it. You must check in, you must be aware of what is causing damage and FIX. So just because your wedding was perfect, does not equate to that perfect easy happily ever after. This is why therapy is suggested as a way to upkeep and prevent long-term damage. Not as a post-hurricane damage rebuilder. Yes, therapy does help after, but it really does more fruitful work as a preventive than a last resort.

So how to keep a realistic and powerful love?

Do not love passively, or blindly. We know, We know, most say to turn a blind eye to things you can not change. However, that bleeds into an excuse not to bring awareness to issues that are bothering or causing damage. So instead sit with honesty, and if you upset a partner, discuss why. From the why discuss how to get back onto the golden brick road of a happily ever after. Well healthily ever after, but that is not widely known.

5 things to do to keep love powerful with Worldwide Elopement Visuals photo and video team based out of Montrose Colorado

Give them your past, take your future.


5 things to do to keep love powerful with Montrose Colorado based photo and video team, Worldwide Elopement Visuals.

5 Things To Do To Keep Love Powerful with Worldwide Elopement Visuals

Number 3: Marriage is not a cage, but a place of growth. Plan on divorce.

Let us explain. We get it no one wants to start over, and or feel like they failed. However, most say that they will never get divorced or think about it. They plan for the easy life with the easy happily ever after. Then they place the cage on the relationship with the expectation that if it fails, they fail. When you leave divorce on the table, you are honest in understanding how hard life can get it. And in point how heavy emotions can get. However, when you plan on divorce, you set boundaries and communicate them. There is a reason why marriages have a higher chance of divorce and remarrying. You start on the even ground of what will or will not be tolerated. That way there is no “I failed” when a partner does not meet or breaks a hard boundary.

So how to keep a realistic and powerful love?

Honestly, plan and draw lines. From there, create pathways of what will be understood as effort. When you start at the end, you get to craft the beginning, middle and alternate ending. It’s a rough draft so to speak. Ask any writer, they will tell you starting at the end typically gives way more ground to begin… and then later switch up the ending.

So what is your final line?

And how can it be avoided?

When it is avoided, how does that change the ending?

By honoring oneself, they know to honor someone else without ego.

Because when you know what not to do, you know how to grow easier. Marriage becomes less of a cage, and more of a garden of growth. Again, life is not easy. Happily ever after is not guaranteed. Yet when focused on growth, nothing is passively expected. There is self-awareness along with accountability. There is also an understanding of what is expected.

Now that we gave you something to chew on…

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“I hope to arrive to my death,


in love,

and a little drunk.


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5 Things To Do To Keep Love Powerful with Worldwide Elopement Visuals

Number 4: The Honeymoon is not a destination, but something meant to be visited often.

Firstly, the honeymoon is not to be mistaken as happily (healthily) ever after. As it has been thoroughly covered, life is not easy. So that means you are going to have individual problems at the same that will more than likely cause relationship ruptures. Because 💩 happens. So healthily ever after is the goal for the longevity of the relationship. However, we all need a cease fire of peace talks and checking hard boundaries were not trepassed over. Once a good check in has occured, post a storm of chaos, and a couple can get back to loving presently and fiercely… cue the honeymoon. Honeymoons that are fully enjoyed presently, are the key to battling tempestuously chaotic times. That is where skillsets of strength can be fully understood and appreciated. As well as confidence built in knowing what has preservered each storm.

So how to keep a realistic and powerful love?

Stop acting like there is ever only 1 honeymoon, or it is just a phase for newly in loved couples. Love is a powerful force, more withstanding than chaos. However, it is easy for love to feel “weaker” when it is always expected to tolerate chaos as stronger. Yes chaos, can be daunting and complex and absolutely patience testing. Yet, when there is room for growth in love, Love can surpass the size of any chaotic storm. So let love grow strong and let love find a way to be appreciated again.

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“I told her I was lost in this world,

and she smiled,

because she was too,

we are all lost somehow,

but we didn’t care

we had in the chaos,

found each other.


5 things to do to keep love powerful with worldwide elopement visuals photography and videography duo based near ouray colorado

5 Things To Do To Keep Love Powerful with Worldwide Elopement Visuals

Number 5: You’ll dance more in your kitchen than in a ballroom, learn to appreciate the “mundane” and not take it for granted.

This one sounds easy enough, right? Don’t assume you have tomorrow, right? However let’s revisit #1 again. Life is not easy, chaos is always lurking and ready to create ruts. That illy infect our minds that we have tomorrow so we can take today and we who we have in our life, for granted. This is not solely about “appreciate the small things”, no as we have heard from our dating (or trying to) friends… being single sucks right now. So if you have someone who you get to wake up to daily, get to laugh and chitchat with… exchange inside jokes and learn all the quirks…


Before believing today is a waste, because it was not perfect. Understand that tomorrow is not promised, it is a blessing. So try to think of what you were able to partake in, share, live. Even if it is as mundane as yet another “silly” dance in the kitchen. Make that silly dance count, talk more than small talk, and make dream talk plans, and how you would make them reality.

As you could be trying to navigate like Swiper from Dora.

Swiper no swiping.

Ouray Colorado-Based Couple and + Elopement Photography and Videography team

I aspire to be

an old man

with an old wife

laughing at old jokes

from a wild youth.


5 thngs to do to keep love powerful

5 Things To Do To Keep Love Powerful

5 years married, 6 years dating, and 9 years knowing one another…

Here is the thing, as much we are told we should be more divulging in sharing struggles to “inspire” and “remind”others… listen, just listen. We’re honored that people have taken a liking to our Lover’s Tale! We truly are, however we are first a couple just like you honeybees reading! All of us have chapters we’d rather not publicize even we are deemed public figures. We also know that we can have the best intentions and still miss the point entirely. So some of these are standards set from the beginning and some are lessons learned. Just know that your tale will probably look different than someone else’s. Sometimes that okay and other times you get to carry the comfort torch (icecream).

Whatever you do, just love fully and unapologetically.

When you do so…

You’ll find your people (village) and person.

However, they are not meant to dominate your life, you are meant to do that.

Friends and lovers, are yes tough to find good ones. Yet that does not mean you need to forget to love yourself by living a life you want to remember. This blog does not and is not inteneded for those solely taken. The message from this blog, can also be read for love and reconnecting with one’s self.

Life is too short

not to pretend

you’re magnificent


Aloha Lovers,

Where is your lover’s tale taking us?

Till Next Buzz, honeybees!

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10 things to do to keep love powerful with Worldwide Elopement Visuals based in Montrose Colorado.

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